Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Quarter Square Triangle Video

Hello and happy Wednesday!Today I've got a new video tutorial to share that will help you make sure you are piecing perfect quarter-square triangles.  I absolutely love this block--it always adds a lot to quilt designs and is also one of those terrific blocks for using up scraps!

Last summer I shared a tutorial for a quilt that uses these blocks, and a lot of 

you quilted along--(I'm actually thinking of making another one of these quilts this summer).  I've had a post up on the blog for awhile now that has photo illustrations for my method, but I've actually been meaning to do this video tutorial for a more thorough explanation.

I use this method every time I make a quarter-square triangle unit.  There is a small amount of extra time added because you trim the blocks after sewing, but the improved accuracy is so worth it! And while I do use a specific ruler to trim my blocks, I also share how to trim using this method with any square ruler that has a diagonal line marked.

And, you can sew the blocks quickly because you can chain piece as you go for each step--and do all of the trimming at the end!

This is the quilt along quilt from last summer that uses these blocks...if you are new here and want to make this quilt, you can find all of the information here. the video below for my simple tips for making perfect quarter square triangles.  I'm going to be sharing another free pattern on the blog soon that uses this block, so the timing was perfect for me to get the video finished up!

I hope this tutorial will be of help to you in making perfect quarter square triangles! for the free pattern coming soon that will reference this video!

Happy Quilting...and thanks so much for stopping by!


Nancy Schaefer said...

I had not heard the tip about picking stitches, I am off to try it now. Thanks

Hildy said...

Thank you for the great tutorial:-)

Monica said...

I will need to watch your video this evening (in the office at lunch right now). BTW i have my quilt finished - almost-that was the quilt along last summer. It only needs binding and i'm waiting for our summer vacation so that i can hand bind it in the car on our trip to Florida. I did mine in Christmas fabric and can't wait to display this year. Thanks for the quilt along! :)

Kerry said...

Thank you Sherri - nice tutorial. :D

Rosemary B❤️ said...

this is a great video. Thank you for sharing the measurements relating to the size we would like to have.
You are so sweet

Unknown said...

The tip about unpicking a couple of stitches was new to me and I plan to try that.

Also, if the pattern I am using doesn't call for the quarter squares to be a little bigger so they can be accurately trimmed, how much would you add to the size of the beginning square? Is a quarter inch enough?


Linda Kay

Tracy said...

So much prettiness in one post...I love your blocks!!

patricia ludwiczak said...

Thank you for the tutorial. I especially love the rulers - I've never seen a half inch wide ruler. Any suggestions for places to purchase?

co coya said...

Great "Saturday 7" again. Loved the buttery yellow fabrics, the organizational list, and the crouton recipe. Your Hometown pattern is gorgeous! Bravo!!

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