Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year | Quilt 2018!

Happy New Year! I hope you're off to a great start! I meant to get this post up a little earlier today, but I've been purging and cleaning...and organizing and labeling! I can't wait to share some of my new sewing room organization ideas!

So today's pictures are of the only part of the sewing room that is actually kind 

of clean and organized right now!  I'm hoping to make 2018 my best year yet, and I have lots of great ideas right now for my personal sewing and for the blog!  It's going to be a great year!

Here's what you can do right now to get ready for a fantastic year of quilting!

Tips for a Great Year of Quilting

1.  Make  a list of your works in progress.  If you have so many that it's overwhelming, pick just twelve.  Write them all down (this is important). Work on one each month and then work on a different one the next month and so on.  You might surprise yourself how much you are able to get done.  You can do this along with the folks at American Patchwork & Quilting, too.  Go here to find out about how they can help keep you on schedule and to download their WIP tracker for 2018.

2.  Make a list of sewing/quilting goals for the first three month of this year.  I've found that it's almost too much to make my goals for the year all at once.  Plus, I'm constantly changing my mind and finding new projects and inspiration, so quarterly just works best.  Write these goals down as well.

3.  Make a list of organizing goals for the first quarter.  Again, this is not as overwhelming a task if you think of it in a shorter time span.  Perhaps you'll decide to organize your scraps by color this quarter, or maybe you'll just want to organize your Christmas fabrics.  Choose one goal or several...but write them down!

4.  Put your lists in a place where you can see them and refer to them often!  Feel free to update as needed, but begin with a plan!(It's not too late to get a Quilter's Planner to keep all of your notes organized).

5. Try to get these mini assignments finished up this week...and then check back here each Wednesday for a Works in Progress tip or organizational idea!  (Later this week I'll share some of the other things that will be going on here on the blog this year). PS. If you missed this post last it for links to lots of my organizing posts for quilters and sewists.

Happy list-making, quilting, and organizing!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


dq said...

Your sewing room is adorable. I would love to sit and sew in there every day! Mine is an unfinished room in the basement but I do love it. It does have two very large windows.

Hildy said...

Thanks for all your tips and I love how your sewing room looks it's so beautiful!

Margaret McCullough said...

Your workspace looks beautiful and organized. Happy New Year!

Tanj 987 said...

I have stumbled across So Scrappy's blog and she hosts an Annual Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Each month she posts a colour and your sort that months colour and make blocks using that colour. A few people make a variety of blocks out of each colour and then at the end of the year they have a few rainbow quilts done, and they've used their scraps! I thought it was a great idea!

Jeanna said...

I followed one of your previous sewing room organization projects with great success. I'm ready for another one so this is quite timely. I like the idea of list making / goal setting by quarter. That will make it more manageable!

ShirleyC said...

Your room is so pretty! That's the color I want to paint mine - someday!
I hope to get things back straight after Christmas sewing. My husband had a heart attack on Dec. 7th, and he's taken all my time right now. We were very blessed he got to the hospital in time.

Brenda said...

Thanks Sherri for all the great ideas. Earlier today I was doing a little planning, too. I listed my UFOs, then instead of making a list of To Do, I made a list of "Want To Do". Then I made a list of things to do in January which included things that had to be done, then a UFO, then a couple of items to get started on from my want to do list. Of course January's Minis and More is on the list!

Julie Craven said...

This is too funny. I have been putting off "CLEANING, my sewing room since I finished all my christmas sewing. Three months straight of sewing, pulling fabric ordering fabric, cutting, You know the drill.
I woke up this morning determined to start on it. I just took a break after three hours to check my e mails. I think you just saved my sanity with your ideas and past posts about organizing.
I feel more on track now.
Thank you so much.
Happy New Year

Jo West said...

Happy New Year! What to you use to hang your minis? Thumbtacks? Thanks

Polly said...

Thank you Sherri,
Your organizing tips are great and I am looking forward to many more! 2018 is finally my year to get organized. Going to copy your idea of taking your mini wall over the window. I have a similar set up. But this old girl really needs help. Waiting for the handyman to contact me for ripping the carpet out and helping with a design wall. Can you suggest a good carpet to use? I'm thinking indoor-outdoor for the low, no pile. Wish I could do wood, but it's upstairs and I don't want the clip clop of feet on bare wood. Any other suggestions will be so welcome.
Thanks so much.

Marie i said...

What is pattern of churn dash wall hanging on top right...would love to make it!

Cheryl B. said...

Turning 60 Dec 22 has made me really examine so many different areas of mt life. I am not naturally organized, but I have made a vow to follow through on changes I'm making in my life. One way is to use the quilter's planner, really use it!

I'm in the middle of inventorying my fabric, then decluttering and organizing the house, 2 hours a day!

Thanks for the tips and the pics of your inspiring room!

Helen L said...

I started on your tips for organizing your sewing room from your June 2014 blog post. I've gotten through the first two, and will keep going. Now that I actually have a sewing room and all the furniture is in!! Only took 12 months to get the family members to cooperate with some of the details!! :-) Thanks for sharing your ideas!! Hugs, H

Rosemary B❤️ said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Sherri (my kitten is always trampling my macbookpro and either stepping on all caps, or opening iTunes)

I love you dear. I am going to try to get organized. I have to.
First..... I want to paint my room blue. My room is the sun room right off of the kitchen and it is yellow.
Maybe I will reward myself with a paint job after I accomplish some goals? yeah !!

Alicia Morris said...

I love your color choices! That is my problem with quilting. I order what looks like a bright color and it is never what it looks like on the site always darker. What brand/designer are your colors displayed in your pictures? And do you recc. Joann’s since that is the only store we have in Gainesville GA, as far as quality of fabric.

Do you know any quilt teachers in our area?

Thank you for any help,

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