Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Adding Patchwork into Sewing Projects

Hello! Today I'm happy to share some ideas on something that is dear to my heart...adapting some of my favorite patterns so I can use patchwork! I've always felt that with fabrics...the more the merrier!  Over the years, some of my favorite projects have been ones where I took patterns that called for single fabrics or yardages and substituted my own patchwork pieces.

One of my favorite projects where I used this technique is my scrappy 

patchwork Travel Duffle bag; I used 3 1/2" squares of some of my favorite fabrics to make a large piece of fabric. I then had that patchwork piece quilted and cut the required pieces for the bag from it.

Another favorite is my iCase for my iPad. For this I used 2 1/2" squares of some of the same fabrics used in the Travel Duffle.

I also used 2 1/2" squares to make this Sew Together bag...it's another favorite, although I think that I will use smaller squares when I make my next one. Read on for my favorite tips for adding patchwork into your next sewing project.

5 Tips for Adding Patchwork 

into Sewing Projects

1.  Decide on the size of patchwork depending on the size pieces you'll be cutting.

Because the Travel Duffle above had some really large pieces, I was able to get away with the 3 1/2" patchwork. But for a smaller project like the iPad case, 2 1/2" squares seemed just right. And for even smaller projects I like to use 2" or 1 1/2" squares. In summary, use smaller scale patchwork when cutting smaller pieces for the project.

2. Consider adding just a bit of patchwork to your project.

The front of my iPad case is sewn from just two fabrics...a main fabric and a contrast which matches the binding. The patchwork "pop" on the back of the case really stands out that way.  Using patchwork for just a portion of the project saves time while adding a lot of style to the project.

3. Sew patchwork pieces together on a regular basis so you always have some ready to add into another project.

This is a great way to create a patchwork piece without necessarily having to add a lot of extra time to your project sewing.  I like to sew 9-patches from scraps and then sew them into larger pieces for later use.

4. You can also use patchwork strips to add interest to a project.

Sewing patchwork strips is another great way to add patchwork to a project. Strips of any width can be sewn together and then later trimmed depending on the size needed for embellishment. Half-square triangles are another option for adding patchwork piecing to a project.

5. Stay-stitch 1/8" around the edges of finished patchwork before adding to a project.

To add stay-stitching, simply sew a straight seam approximately 1/8" away from all of the edges of the patchwork piece.  By adding the stay stitching, you will prevent the seams from unraveling at the edges.

Finally...just have fun adding patchwork to your projects! Whether you add a little or a lot, your sewing project is sure to be even more stunning with some scrappy patchwork embellishment!

Today I'd also like to let you know about the On the Road challenge. The On the Road Challenge is sponsored by Road to California and Soft and Stable®. The challenge opened June 15, 2017 with official rules, regulations, and conditions along with the entry form available online at Road to California and ByAnnie.com’s websites. Basically, this challenge is a bag-making competition with prizes available for winners...if you love making bags, you might consider participating in this fun challenge! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Hildy said...

Love your patchwork projects! Normally I do it the other way around have a mini quilt or project and then ake it into a bag or pillow (or whatever) never really thought that I can substitute a fabric piece for a patchwork piece, great idea.

ByAnnie said...

Thanks, Sherri, for sharing your tips and ideas. I love your patchwork bags and would love to make one . . . one of these days! What a great idea to sew pieces together so that they're almost ready to go when you want to make a bag. And to make part pieced and part solid -- not nearly so overwhelming! Love your bags and appreciate your support of the 2018 Road to California Bag Challenge. Big hugs!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

what a great idea. I love your bags.
I do not make any, well, that are amazing, just little change purses or such. I am looking forward to seeing all of the excellent contributors to the Bag Challenge

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