Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tips for String Quilts

Hello! Today I thought I'd share a new tip for string quilts. I don't know what it is about me and string quilts and February, but I seem to set to work on them at about this time every year.

Part of the reason I think I work on these blocks each February is because I 

head out to an annual retreat at this time each year. I always take along some string blocks to sew because they are such an easy "no-think" project that I can enjoy while sewing with friends.

Last year I took a big box of strings and some white fabric and made quite a few blocks one evening during the retreat. But this year I had a better idea as I was deciding what to take for my evening sewing.  I looked at some of my previously finished blocks and noted that each one used about 6 to 10 different fabrics depending on the width of the strips. So I decided to kind of coordinate a few piles of 10-12 strips that would make 2-3 blocks per pile. Doing this will save me a lot of time on my retreat because I won't have to think as much with the per-arranged piles.

I cut some of my backing squares, folded up the piles, and packed them in my bag! I can hardly wait to see how quickly these sew together!

I really think I want to make an effort to finish up a string quilt this year...but then I'll probably have to start another one!

To read my original post on String Quilts which includes a tutorial for the method I use, click the photo below or go here.


Happy quilting! Thanks so much for stopping by!


Becky said...

I too love sewing string quilts. It's so freeing to just sew. Pedal to the metal.... On one of my last projects, I sorted my strings by length and put them in zip lock bags. It made piecing blocks quicker. I didn't pull a great string and discover it was too short. Thanks for sharing your blocks!

Jackie Hubert said...

I have just finished a string quilt and thought I would share with everyone what I used for foundation material. I happened to have a large box of "diaper liners" that someone had given me years ago.
They are some kind of a very thin paper material that does not stretch out of shape and launders beautifully. ( I tested it before making the first block). As a bonus, they are 9x13 inches which leaves plenty of room for trimming. I did not use batting when I quilted it but used a heavy flannel for backing. Needless to say, I not only love and save my scraps but just about every thing else quilty. Thanx for letting me share. Jackie Hubert

Terry said...

I love the string quilt and your colors are so vibrant. Also read the tutorial. Using the foundation fabric is a good idea, I'll have to remember that.

Hildy said...

I always love it when you show your string blocks they are so bright and fun.

Little Quiltsong said...

Beautiful blocks! This makes me want to make another one :)!

Libby said...

I just love this...........I too am working on one also in between other projects, just to put my mind at ease before going to bed.

Thanks for your inspiration !

Vicki Lou said...

Sherri, my question for you is after I sew up a batch of string blocks with muslin backing, how do I make them go together without a lot of bulk? I have finished 64 blocks and now have to take the plunge!

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