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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yesterday I had to interrupt my "regularly scheduled quilting"--but for a VERY good reason! A dear friend dropped by with nearly a gallon of pomegranate juice...just for me! Growing up in southern Nevada, I was no stranger to pomegranates (pomegranates, as defined by Websters, are "a thick-skinned several-celled reddish berry that is about the size of an orange and has many seeds with pulpy crimson arils of tart flavor"). We often had friends give them to us, and we either ate them or used them in salads; however, in 1997 when we left Las Vegas and moved to a small town I was introduced to pomegranate jelly! We must have received a dozen jars of it our first Christmas here. One year a friend brought over her juicer and a big bag of pomegranates. She showed me what to do, then left me to juice them myself. It was a lot of work--but it really made me appreciate the jelly even more! So, yesterday I made three batches of jelly which will give us a good supply--and also give me some jars to give away!
This is a Thimbleberries table runner I made a few years ago. It is pretty wide as far as table runners go, and so I usually use it over the back of a couch! Pictured below the runner is a Christmas table topper from last year; I included a close-up of the block, which I love.
I've been looking for this magazine ever since seeing it advertised in the back of Artful Blogger. My older son was able to find a copy and bring it down for me this weekend; I'm savoring it, reading about one artist each day! I read a book by this same title and was absolutely fascinated by the work spaces of the amazingly creative women it profiled. The magazine is just as wonderful as the book...I highly recommend it!

Today I'm definitely going to sew! I hope you get to sew today, too!