Monday, February 19, 2018

Quilt Organized: Review

Hello and happy Monday! Did you know we are past the half-way point for the first three months of the year?! Time sure goes fast...anyway, this is important because it's the perfect time for a check-up if you're keeping quilting and sewing goals on a quarterly basis.

I'm using photos of my work-in-progress string quilt today because it is one work in progress I have been able to make progress on this year.  On Saturday, 

I finally set together the 22 blocks I sewed in January.  Saturday evening I had just a little time to sew and went looking for something I could sew in a short time; this project was the perfect answer.  I love having works in progress that I can pull out at a minutes notice to work on.

I now have a row of five blocks, a row of four blocks, a row of three blocks, and two extra squares (four squares make up a block).  This project is easier to store if I keep the blocks sewn together in rows--not to mention that it's motivating to see how great they are starting to look together! My next step for this one is to get another pile of strips ready to sew!

I sure love working on my string blocks--and could keep talking about them...but now I'll get back to the idea of a  mid-quarter check up.  Early in January I took inventory of my sewing room and projects and then wrote this post detailing the way I get organized at the beginning of the year. My goals for the first quarter were to organize scraps on a weekly basis, get three works in progress ready for quilting, make a new Sew Together Bag, work on house blocks for Christmas pillows, and complete my sewing for our next fabric collection (see some more thoughts on organizing for the new year here).

I'm happy to report that the majority of my sewing for the next fabric group is complete...but unfortunately, I haven't accomplished any of the other things on my list (although progress was made on some works in progress such as this strip quilt).  Not to be discouraged, though--I  am able to report that I have cut up all of the scraps from my sewing into really usable pieces--I have 2 1/2" strips, 2 1/2" squares, 3" squares, and left-over half-square triangles that will really make sewing small projects easier in the months to come.  For now they are all stored together in one box since I will be using them to make things for quilt market over the next few months. And, I still have plenty of time this quarter to make a new Sew Together Bag, and sew Christmas house blocks, and work on works in progress--the quarter is only half over!

So...consider this your friendly reminder to go over your quilting goals and progress, remembering to give yourself credit for things completed, and for things you might have completed that weren't even on the list! Revise your list as needed, and enjoy the journey!

PS A little bird told me that The Front Porch fabrics are starting to ship from Moda in if you've pre-ordered that fabric from me I will be cutting and packing the orders this weekend--it will be shipping out at the beginning of next week! 

Happy quilting...and thanks so much for stopping by!



Adrienne said...

Gorgeous string quilt. Inspiring.

Monica said...

Today is a holiday for me so I'm actually getting some UFO work done. :) Your string quilt is nice-your fabric always coordinate well. If i did a string quilt with my scraps it would be ugly. You always have beautiful quilts.

Hildy said...

I love your string blocks more each time I see them!

Susie Hoover said...

The string blocks are so bright & cheerful. Getting inspired here in IL!

Tammy Wurz said...

Your string quilt is so bright and happy, I love it! How do you make yours? Do you sew your strips to paper or fabric before sizing them up?

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