Saturday, May 28, 2016

Quick Quilt Patterns for Pre-Cuts

Hello! Happy Saturday! Today I'm stopping by to tell you about a new Craftsy class taught by my friend Amy Smart who blogs at Diary of a Quilter.

 Amy is one of the most genuine and nice people you'll ever meet. I think we

 first met at my first quilt market back in 2011. We've worked on several group compilation projects since then, and we are always able to catch up a little at markets.  We were also able to attend a retreat together a couple of years ago (we were both on the staff), and I was able to sit and sew by Amy for a few days...she is just the best!

Anyway...Amy has done a class on Craftsy that focuses on quick quilt patterns using pre-cuts. There are 7 quilts in all in the class. (I love that she used our Valley collection for one of her quilts, too)!

 Amy's class is great for beginners and focuses on efficient techniques for using pre-cuts...making your quilting even faster!

 You can go here to find Amy's Craftsy class.

Thanks so much for stopping by...and have a wonderful weekend!


Peggy Wilson said...

Is there five or seven quilts in this class. I counted five but maybe missed a variation?

Karen said...

Peggy - here is some more info direct from Amy and her blog. Yes, there are variations. :-)

Lara B. said...

Amy is great - I have her book and was so impressed at how she goes about piecing! Just like you said Sherri: she has very efficient techniques.

AnnieO said...

I like Amy's work too and enjoy reading her blog. Looks like some simple but effective designs there. Thanks for sharing.

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