Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ten Things This Summer

Recently I was inspired by Anna's "Ten Things This Summer" post. Actually, I was really inspired...not only does Anna have great ideas on her list, but it motivated me to make my own list, and today I'd like to share that list with you!

Numbers 1 and 2 are to start "Coastal Lily" by Minick & Simpson and "Steam Punk" by Jen Kingwell. A Lily quilt has been on my "To Do" list for quite some time. The applique'd Lily quilt at the top of this post was made by my great great grandmother, Mary Gilchrist Bice, in the 1930's. When Thelma started "Coastal Lily" I knew I'd found the Lily quilt I was going to make.

"Steam Punk" is a quilt that has been inspiring me since blocks started showing up on Instagram!

Number 3--quilt my "Hopscotch" quilt myself. I'm getting a lot better about quilting smaller projects on my own, but I really want to quilt a larger quilt. And I know this will turn out wonderful, because an expert is going to help me baste it and get it started!

Number 4--clean my sewing room! It looked wonderful back in January after the studio re-do. Sadly, it doesn't look like this today. I also need to hang more quilts on the wall in the studio!

Number 5--work on paper piecing! And maybe try some diamond shapes!

Number 6--Jen Kingwell's "Green Tea and Sweet Beans" is on my "bucket list", but number 6 is actually just to make a list of my quilts (I just wanted a pretty picture for this topic).. I love that Elizabeth and Thelma both have "lifetime lists" of their quilts. And even though I probably won't be able to fully make the list because I've given many quilts away...I'd like to at least try to come up with a physical list.

Number 7--actually get the courage to break open my bundle of "Pot Luck!" I bought this at Sample Spree at market...and I just can't untie that string! I have two quilts in mind for it, it's not like I'm short of ideas for using it!

Number 8--continue to work on my scrappy string quilt. I know this will be a long time in finishing, but I'd like to at lease make a few more blocks this summer.

Number 9--make a Christmas Scrappy Trip Along quilt! This is my Bee quilt this year, and I've already received 6 blocks back! I need to start making some of my own so I can get this put together before Christmas!

Number 10--I would love to find a quilt ladder to display some of my quilts. I've found one on a website that looks pretty good...still trying to decide if it's the one for me. If I can't find a quilt ladder, I'd love to find a nice (but not too expensive) Featherweight.

So those are my Ten Things for This Summer! What about you? What are you thinking of doing this summer? Because July 1st was my 5th "blogiversary," I thought it would be fun to combine a giveaway with this post. I've added a "linky" widget to the bottom of this post and would absolutely love if you would write a post about your summer goals (it doesn't have to be 10 things...just whatever you're trying to do this summer). Then come back and add your link here! I'll keep the link widget open until July 15th; I will then pick some winners from the links and some winners from the comments (if you don't have a blog and are unable to write a post...just leave a comment about your summer goals). I added my link in first just to test if the widget was working. You'll be able to choose the photo from your post you'd like to appear in the link.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


julieQ said...

Hi Swooze! Yes, that strikes fear into my heart.."can you sew something for me?" My summer goals are work on one thing at a time, and get it done. PERIOD!! Hope your summer goes great!

DebrafromMD said...

I'm having a long-arm machine set up on Saturday so my goal for the Summer is to figure out how to use it. Plus, I would like to quilt the closet of tops I have waiting.

Melia Mae Quilting said...

Great list. I am attempting to "make" a quilt ladder out of one of my dad's old wooden ladders! I can't wait to see what you decide on. Again I still love your scrappy trip along Christmas quilt. I need one of those!!!! I also need to clean my quilting studio as well as hang some quilts up. Oh the things we need to do:) Can't wait to see your progress updates!

Hildy said...

Happy blogiversary!
My sewing goals for this summer are:
1.finish my blogger's girls bom
2.quilt at least half of the quilts from last year parade
3.start on Green Tea and Sweet Beans
4.start and finish my Crossroads quilt through Camille's book (with the sew-along)
I think these five projects should be doable ... I hope;-)

ModernMaterialGirl said...

Sherri, thanks for hosting this Linky party! I love reading your blog, and enjoyed your list of goals. I've linked up my blog post detailing my goals, and I'm excited about working on them!

Chris S said...

1. finish my tea party quilt
2. make a Bella quilt
3. make a Glimma quilt
4. make pillows
5. make 2 Sunny Happy Skies baby quilts
6. make 2 Sweetwater quilts

M.W. said...

Happy Anniversary.
My goals this summer.....
1. finish my PB&J quilt
2. quilt my churn dash quilt
3. make a pillow for my living room
4. make my 1/2 square triangle quilt
5. buy lots of fabric

Mary Ann said...

Right now I am finishing up a car organizer for my grandsons for their road trip in a couple weeks.
Next I am making 40 small gift bags for my daughter who will be 40 this year. I have to think of 40 different things to put in each gift bag. Once I am caught up on these two projects, I need to make this tote for our guilds silent auction at our quilt show this year. Lots of things to accomplish; but I love it!

elletaylor said...

Hi Sherri! I'm a teacher, so my summer won't last much longer. (lots of classroom prep in August). So, I want to finish my Bee in My Bonnet Row A Long top (borders), put my Steampunk together (blocks are made), put another border around Midnight at the Oasis and start some Christmas pillows for gifts. Happy summer to you!

Bailey said...

1. Finish the quilt to donate to Hopes and Dreams ALS in my grandfathers name
2. Make and hang the curtains for the popup. I really should have done this before as we are going camping this weekend.
3. Farmers wife quilt--I think it needs to go to the lifetime section as it is going to take awhile
4. Star quilt.
5. Swoon
6. Finish the Halloween quilt
7. Westin's quilt
8. Eliabeths flower quilt
9. Minature Balti Album Hawaiian fusion quilt

Pattie Crum said...

Here goes:
1. Get some of the 13 tops I have done quilted. I sent one to the longarm quilter last week, does that count?
2. Start the Single Girl.
3. Swoon also.
4. Finish the 2 baby quilts I have started.
5. Start a union jack quilt for a Christmas present.
6. And make Lori Holt's KitchenAid quilt, I got the pattern and it's so cute.

Thimbleanna said...

I added my linky even though I'm technically already linked in -- thanks for the shout out LOL! I love the Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt too. You'll love Steampunk -- it's great fun! Great List Sherri -- have fun with it!

marcella said...

I'm working on keeping up with the Wild Olive summer embroidery project and I have a quilt that I really want to get basted and quilted. If I get those two things done this busy summer I will be very happy!

Congratulations on your blogoversary.

Sally Hurst said...

I plan to make a 'Crosses and Losses' pattern in green and purple, to give away (lap size), and make a Churn Dash quilt in solids. After that I am starting on making Christmas presents--a flannel quilt and some smaller items. Thanks for the chance!

gailss said...

I also am starting the 'Coastal Lily" and just waiting for that tear away stabilizer to arrive. I do have about 5 small projects to finish up and do backings for the schnibbles I have done....that should keep me going for a bit.
Congrats on your 5 yr. blogging.

Lesley said...

I hope to finish a baby quilt for a friend who is due is late August! Congratulations on 5 years of blogging!

CJ said...

Great list, Sherri!

A lot of my projects need to be done THIS month! Let's see where I get with 10 items

#1 dd's king sized quilt
#2 Randolph wedding 'throw'
#3 dd's bridesmaid dress
#4 Ruth's bridal shower apron
so 1-4 need to be done in July
#5 ds's sophomore quilt (he is going to be a junior :S )
#6 Bliss king sized quilt for ME!
#7 Bind my Etchings throw
#8 Finish Butterscotch & Roses throw
#9 dd's messenger bag
#10 fall purse

Sinta Renee said...

I wrote a post recently with my Summer of Fun (and then some) list. We will be doing some of the same projects! I am in the middle of Coastal Lily right now. The Hopscotch pattern I ordered just arrived. Sandy Klop is coming to my guild to teach a class this month... so I will be making something with her, but I haven't picked the project yet... we can pick any of her patterns!
So, I like your list... especially Steam Punk... where did you find the pattern?

Shelley said...

I dont have a blog ... maybe I should but I have little time as it is!
We just moved so my main goal is to unpack and set up the entire house. My Craft space will likely be last but I still hope to have it in the works before the end of the summer. I do have two quilts I want to bind in some of my down time. I also want to plan a few new ones as I unpack all my fabric;)

Shelley said...

I dont have a blog ... maybe I should but I have little time as it is!
We just moved so my main goal is to unpack and set up the entire house. My Craft space will likely be last but I still hope to have it in the works before the end of the summer. I do have two quilts I want to bind in some of my down time. I also want to plan a few new ones as I unpack all my fabric;)

Mary Graff said...

I just want to make it through all my "must sews" for family members and finally have time for my stuff! A new dresden Christmas skirt is high on the list.

Bonnie58 said...

I have a few small items like lunch bags, tote bags, aprons, etc and I really NEED to finish quilting my wedding quilt for my nephew who is getting married in the fall. Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Of course I have several things on my to do list for summer, but the one that seems like the biggest hurdle to me at this time is to machine quilt for the first time. So far I have had a friend long arm quilt for me, but I want to try quilting a quilt for my brother with my own regular sewing machine.

Carolyn Sullivan said...

I have too many things to list! LOL. However I do have some featherweights. Last summer while I was ill w Lung problems the meds were making me Shakey and I couldn't sew. I spent a lot of time doing ebay, and reading.
I had wanted a Featherweight, but you really never know what you are going to get on ebay.
I enjoyed the winning and bidding....
I ended up w 8 machines. (LOL YES 8!!!) i worked on them, oiled cleaned and eventually sewwed on them. I now have 6; 2 of which I am keeping. you can see them on my blog post.

Jackie said...

Sew many things I would like to do this summer.... Hopefully finish the quilt I have ready to be sandwiched....
Want to do a trip around the world, big stars quilt. Need to make myself newtable toppers... Whew, i hope I can get a bit of time off from
Ndnot to mention,, more quilts in mind also..

Nedra said...

All wonderful goals, and knowing you, they will be reached. Love how the Bees Knees blocks look together.

Carol said...

What a great idea Sherri. I got out my camera and picked out 10 things that I really want to get done this summer. I like your 10 things. I can't wait for that Pot Luck fabric to come out, love it. I hope we both complete our summer goals.

Linda said...

My goals for this summer are to (in no particular order):
*Sew up at least SOME of the projects I have cut out (bags, wallets, etc)
*Rip out the strips w/too big seams on my Trip Around the World quilt and re-sew them.
*Start the quilt Snow Kisses from Geta Grama. It will be a challenge!
*Clean and organize my "studio" (dining area of my apartment) How long is summer????
*TRY not to lust for and buy, so much fabric. I have enough to keep a quilt guild in business for multiple years....
Looking forward to keeping up with all you lovely quilters' projects!

8-) Linda

lia said...

My list is less ambitious. I will finish to babyquilts (handquilting). I plan to finish the border of my red and white nearly insane quilt. I am starting a new bom (Esther Alui's Love Entwined) with a great appliquequilt and will go on making blocks for a more modern quilt Green tea and sweet beans. If I should get bored I can always go on with some Dear Janeblocks. Nice summer.

Béa said...

Happy anniversary !
I have lot & lot of quilting to make this summer and hope to not start a new project...

Sarah said...

I have winter goals (Australia): I finished my Swoon top today, and I need to make a baby girl quilt for my cousin.

carol said...

I do have a "want to" set of goals. I am finally fixing my "Spool Cabinet" my husband gave me about ten years ago." I have a baby quilt cut out for my September due granddaughter to put together and quilt. I am only half finished with the 2012 Crafty BOM quilt. I have purchased a Cross Stitch Sampler and can't wait to start that one. I want to do a wall hanging using tumblers. And it is time for me to control myself with my lists - I have purchased a nine inch pin cushion kit that is cut out and I just need to stitch it and get some type of "filler." Busy summer for me.

Bloomin said...

I want to finish the bed quilt pattern that I'm working on and then on to a quilt for my new son-in-law. Those may seem small goals, but big to me! :) I have lots of projects calling my name, but these two will keep me going through fall!

Barbara Ensor said...

I am determined to finish up the tops I have ready by quilting and binding them. I want to tame my scraps. And, lastly I want to make some donation quilts.

KMSC said...

My summer quilting list is:
1. Finish the quilt top for a member of my small quilt group (Christmas exchange).
2. Complete the king size quilt for my daughter and son-in-law.
3. Work on my Farmer's Wife AND Civil War Sampler blocks.
4. Complete the Amish Twist BOM
5. Complete Hocuspocusville quilt from Crabapple Hill Designs.
I'll be really pleased to get any of these projects completed!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Joyce Carter said...

HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY! The projects I want to do this Summer are:

#1. Quilt my Double Wedding Ring quilt
#2. Finish my daughters quilt top.
#3. Finish my Trip Around the World quilt blocks.
#4. Work on my hexie flowers.
#5. Quilt one baby quilt and one lap quilt.(Tops already put together.
#6.Make another baby quilt for charity.
Big list--big ideas--so little time!

Carrie P. said...

I might try to do this before the deadline. I loved reading your list. I love that green tea pattern. I might have to break down and buy it. It is a gorgeous quilt.

Linda said...

#1.Finish my son-in-laws Christmas throw
#2.Finish a special hand pieced 1" squares pincushion for a friend
#3.Start 2 Charity Baby quilts
#4.Do more picnics with family+friends
#5.FMQ 2 PHD's
#6.Design a new quilt project around "Midwinter Reds"!
#7.Carefully Launder my new bed quilt made of Kim Brackett's block pattern "Bali Sea Star-queen size+took me about 5 mos.
#8.Clean and organize my fabric shelves.
#9.Clean and organize my sewing feet box
#10.Finish my daughter's quilted sewing machine cover.

Vera said...

It's great idea! Congrats on your blogiversary. I joined too. Thx.

EJ said...

Happy Blogiversary - wish I had been around since the beginning, I love your blog. You are very inspirational.

My list:

1&2 - start and finish two babies quilts for great nephew #8 and great #10 (due in January)

3 - finish Beauty from Jenny/Elefantz

4 - start Daisy Days (Jenny/Elefantz)

5 - Try my hand at Tilda dolls that are cut out.

Can't add anymore, between kids and VBS (vacation Bible school) my summer is already 1/2 over.

Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to create a list.

Cecilia said...

Congrats on your blogaversary. I don't have a blog, but I hope to FMQ 2 full size quilts on my home machine this summer. I also hope to piece and quilt a queensize quilt for my youngest daughter.

Melanie said...

Wow! Your summer goals have added more to my quilting list :)
1. Finish my grandparents quilt
2. Start and finish Minecraft quilts for my boys
3. Start my Hopscotch quilt
4. Finish my FQS BOM

Jeanenne Nielsen said...

I made a list of all of my unfinished projects, and I have over 37. Some are started and some are still waiting to start. I am working on paper piecing projects and learning to make pillows and a Levi quilt this summer, and any other of my unfinished projects I can get too. Congratulations on your blog adversary.

Jo said...

This is a great idea, so I have joined you! I found it tricky trying to keep my list realistic though!

Lynn said...

Summer t do list:
1) go do one major thing a month with the kiddos, so far that has been the beach & zoo
2) work on fall quilt
3) work on Christmas quilt
4) plant flowers
5) be outside everyday
6)start Christmas shopping
7) redo porch/ patio , new furniture etc.

Brenda said...

Added my link. Now it means I will need to work on my list! Hoping to accomplish a lot. Happy blog anniversary. My anniversary is tomorrow.Thanks for making me think about what I want to accomplish this summer.

OPQuilt said...

This is great fun--love reading everyone's ideas and seeing what they want to accomplish. Mine is simple: recover from foot surgery, and since I'm not a toe-picture person, I decided to abstain this round. Next year, I'll be watching for it.

Thanks for the shout-out about my list. It takes about 5 or 6 tries, because you keep remembering quilts you've made, and then you have to add them to the list (I'd recommend a spreadsheet to get you started). I've given away about half of my quilts, yet was able to find pictures here and there. One day I had a giant photo session at my daughter's house, and then at my son's, while I visiting. It's really gratifying to make this list! I encourage you to start. You'll love looking at all you've accomplished!

Elizabeth E.

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