Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vacation, a Quilt Shoppe, and Good Reading

I got to spend a wonderful four days out of the heat up on Utah's Cedar Mountain in the Duck Creek area. My entire family along with some extended family and friends had a wonderful time enjoying the cool mountain air, fishing, swimming, quad-riding, fun day-trips, and lots of s'mores!

On Saturday a few of us took a little trip over to Mammoth Cave; actually I never intended to go in...I was just going to walk a little ways and then turn around. But after a little while I'd walked so far I figured the way out was probably shorter than than the way back. The cave was completely dark, luckily we had two flashlights to help in our little journey. After we'd gone all the way through the longest cave we found an informational sign. It said 7 species of bats make Mammoth Cave their home--I'd have never walked through if I'd known that to begin with!

Of course I had to look for a quilt shop while in the area. Just a short drive down Utah State highway 89 brought me to Panguitch, home of the Quilt Walk festival each June. Panguitch is also home to The Scrappy Appleyard Quilt Shoppe. I really enjoyed my visit to this shop--each room was beautifully decorated with lovely quilts and lots of wonderful fabrics. I was able to pick up a few fabrics I'd been looking for.

Many quilts in the shop were designed using flowers made from the Easy Dresden tool...they were all beautiful!

While at the cabin I was able to bind three quilts and enjoy some wonderful books. Material Obsession Two is just as wonderful as the first book--it's the kind of book you can look at over and over. I was also able to finally look through the pink Japanese book that has wonderful quilts and sewing inspiration.

The new issue of "Where Women Create" showcases the delightful studios of both Mary Englebreit and Joanna Figueroa along with several other creative women. And the new Piece O' Cake applique' book, Applique Outside the Lines has wonderful designs and inspiration as well. I also spent a little time finishing The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and beginning Three Cups of Tea.
I have lots of blogging to catch up on, e-mails to reply to, and several quilt projects to begin. I can't wait to post some of my new projects! Hope you have a wonderful day!


Stephanie said...

Looks like a cute shop. Those dresdens are everywhere. I just got my copy of the new Piece O Cake book. Awesome.

Jackie said...

Bats! I never would have gone in for sure. Wow, that looks like a fabulous quilt shop! You purchased some great items.

Linda said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous time away. That river looks very inviting, and I'm with you, I wouldn't have gone in if I knew there were bats in the cave.

Terriaw said...

Wow, what a beautiful place to spend a vacation. Gorgeous photos! You are so brave to go into that cave. Not sure I would have gone in there. That quilt shop looks like a perfect find.

I'm curious about how you liked Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society? I want to read that one. I loved Three Cups of Tea - amazing story.

Cardygirl said...

Sounds like a lovely break away...glad you got some stitching time. I loved "The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society"!

Threeundertwo said...

LOL about the bats. I think I would have run the other direction!

Cute quilt shop and some of your books are on my list. I think Three Cups of Tea is next. I always love to see what other people are reading and enjoying.

Vickie E said...

those quilts are beautiful...and I am Green that you have the new material obsession 2!

Gnomemade said...

Sounds like a lovely trip. It's always nice to get some sewing and reading time in. I read Three Cups of Tea last year and will look forward to hearing how you like it.

Dawn Heese said...

Sounds like a great time. I am jealous of your Where W Create. My Barnes and Noble didn't have it in on Mon. I will go back today. Love that mag.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a wonderful trip. Great pictures. And I love the quilts in the quilt shop!

Tam said...

Beautiful vacation spot!
Great quilt shop too!
Thanks for the book sharing

Nedra said...

I've never been to Duck Creek, although I've heard lots about it. I'm glad you had a fun vacation. I had a bat hanging form the front of my house the other day!
I'm dieing to see the inside of Material Obsession 2. No one had it at Long Beach, and none of the stores have it here yet.
I was just at Panquitch for the quilt walk and isn't Scrapply Apple a cute store?

Nedra said...

Oh yes, and Three Cups of Tea is a wonderful book! I gave it as presents last Christmas I liked it that much!

Jeff, Elizabeth, Caleb and Jake said...

I finished Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society a few weeks ago. I loved it! Glad you had such a fun trip!

Tara said...

Looks like you had a grand time! I hadn't thought of making Dresden flowers but they would be very cute!

SG said...

It looks that you had a great time!

Candace said...

How I would have loved to fly fish that river, Sherri! And how great to have a quilt shop nearby - definitely my dream vacation!

Kaaren said...

Welcome back, Sherri.

Sounds like you had a great time and you've come back rejuvinated and raring to go.

I'd love to visit that quilt shop. It looks awesome.

dotti white said...

I am glad that you had such a wonderful and relaxing time on your time off. Sounds like you managed to fit in lots of fun! If you have a minute, check out my new blog design and let me know what you think! Have an awesome week!

Vicki said...

You're kidding me. I'm sooo jealous. I lived at Duck Creek for 2 summers when I worked for the forest service years ago. That mountain is so beautiful; I love it so much. I have got to figure out a way to have a family summer vacation there sometime in the next few years.

Panguitch is awesome too, glad you got to go to the quilt shop there.

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Looks like you had a nice relaxing and wonderful time with your family, except for the bats. I know they are really great to have around to eat mosquitos, but there is just something about them.
Can't wait to see all your new projects get started and I loved the quilt shop.
Keep Stitchen'

Joy said...

What a fun holiday ... and I just LOVE the name of that quilt shop, not to mention the gorgeous piccies of inside it :o).
Joy :o)

Carol R. said...

You are much braver than I am when it comes to caves. Bats scare the beegezus out of me. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip to the mountains. And a very productive one. Glad to have you home safe and sound though.

Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds wonderful, all except for the cave with the bats!!! Something I am terrified of!

Brenda said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. I just finished The Potato Pie Society book, thought it was wonderful

The Quilt Buddy said...

Looks like a great trip! Great shops! And great books!

Now you probably need a vacation from your vacation!

Lurline said...

Very daring, but very exciting, too - I would have loved that cave experience! And the the quilt shop - well, life doesn't get any better than that!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Kris said...

Sounds lovely. We are leaving soon for a vacation in the mountains too. Hope to get some quilt time in and relaxing, and fishing...ahhhh

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Sinta Renee said...

I went into a cave with my sons when they were younger up in Oregon. I had to be brave although I am claustrophobic! I wish there had been a quilt shop like that at the end as a reward... very cute quilts.

Jilly's Space said...

Hi Sherri..looks like you are having a wonderful vacation! The quilt shop! Three cups of tea is a good read and thanks for the reminder on the where women create magazine. I just happened to stumble across it a few months ago at a store in my home town. I just called up my sister to get her to pick up the new issue for me :o)

BIG NEWS kinda. I completed the charm pack table topper from your tutorial yesterday. I had it book marked for a while now. Anyways, had to "come over" and tell you. I blogged about it.
Thank so much for the great tutorial, I will most likely be using it again.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday!! :o)

The TinCan Cottage said...

So nice to meet you! Thanx for stopping by! I look forward to reading your blog about your quilting life:D Since I can barley sew strait:D , I really appreciate the artistry of Quilting. I look forward to learning more about your life in quilting:D oh, also, added your cute button to my blog ;D

Sunshine and Smiles

merumo said...

What a nice relaxed vacation! I love the quilt shoppe you visited :) It seems to be very tempting... I haven't looked at Material Obsession Two yet. Is that available here in the US?

beth said...

sounds like a good time away. i sure enjoyed the ...potato peel pie society book, hope you did too.

Sachiko said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I really need to check out Material Obsession 2.

Carrie P. said...

Looks like you had a great vacation too. Great quilt shop.

julia said...

Hi Sherri,
it seems you've had wonderful vacations. Glad you made it safely back out of the cave - if not I had to search for my flying quilt to come to rescue you ;o)
Great, that you accomplished so many binding-inches.
You sure made it harder for me to (still) stay away from the book shops...
Hugs, julia

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Glad you had fun. I've been there to that shop too! Cute place. You're much more adventurous than me though. I'll stick to fabric and stay out of caves.

Melvin said...

Wow, what a beautiful place to spend a vacation. Gorgeous photos!

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