Wednesday, April 15, 2009


One of the reasons I love blogging so much is the inspiration I receive from other I'd like to share some of that inspiration with you. Karen of Sew Many Ways is a blogger that has inspired me since I first found her blog a little while back. She is organized and talented...and you will learn something from her every post. She recently had a giveaway of vintage fabrics from 1963 and 1965 which I was lucky enough to win! My package came yesterday...not only did Karen send the vintage fabrics, but she also made me a wonderful gift!

Above are some photos of the fabrics along with a photo of how cute everything looked all packaged in the box. Below are some pictures of the necklace Karen made for me. On one side is a great pocket that I can use to store the hexagons and/or papers; on the other side are two compartments: one for a thimble and one for small scissors. Isn't this the greatest invention? I'm planning on working on my hexagons tonight...and I can't wait to use the necklace!

I also recently won a giveaway over at Mel's. Mel had a wonderful giveaway in order to raise awareness of autism and funds to donate to research . Jane of Jane's Fabric and Quilts donated a gift certificate from her shop, and my fun polka dot fabrics and Recess charm pack arrived along with some great buttons Jane added to the package! Mel and Jane are also two bloggers who are a great inspiration to me!

I love to look at quilting books and magazines in order to get inspiration for my projects. Fresh Vintage is a "new to me" publication that I just received. Joanna of Fig Tree Quilts ( Fresh Figs) has been having some special sales for people who follow her on I ordered Fresh Vintage for a discount! I absolutely love this contains patterns, recipes, short articles on quilting techniques, and tons of inspiration...for the price of a pattern you'll receive a mini-quilt magazine! I'll definitely be ordering all of the future issues!

Another thought on inspiration...a few months ago, shortly after I started blogging, I started an inspiration journal where I sort of "scrapbook" ideas I get from magazines. I cut out pictures of quilts, fabrics and linens, buttons, quotes and anything else I find inspiring or that might give me an idea for a future project. It's been a lot of fun and helps me remember ideas that I otherwise might have forgotten. Here's a sample of one of my (not completed) pages--I still have some empty spaces on this page to add more ideas.

What inspires you? Do you have any ideas for remembering project ideas and quilt inspiration? Have a wonderful day...and I hope you get to sew! (I'll be back on Friday to announce winners of the giveaway)!


Susan said...

I find so much inspiration through blogging too, as well as the friendship quilters bring. I need to start a notebook. I have a drawer that collects written ideas but it is so hard to go through and I forget what I've gathered. Thanks for the inspiration.

Millie said...

Sherri, I so agree with you. I get my inspiration from other bloggers. You have a lovely blog and inspires me to quilt. We use to live in Winnemucca, NV...close to Reno.

Stephanie said...

The hexagon necklace is very clever. Congrats on your wins. I have a photo album with plastic pages. I sort through my magazines occasionally and tear out what I want and recycle the rest. Yes, I tear out and do not save every magazine! :o) Then I have an album to thumb through when I'm looking for inspiration for the next project.

Terriaw said...

Awesome giveaways you won!

I haven't had much time to sew or blog for the past few weeks because of a big project for my design class, so I have been holding on to other bloggers for inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

Brenda said...

Love the idea of your journal, I might have to borrow that one.

Nedra said...

What a wonderful necklass to wear when working on a GFG. I wish I had that to show to my class at Bryce.
I agree, seeing other quilt blogs are such inspirations! Yours included!
See you soon.

ferne said...

Karen is such a sweet and clever gal. I won one of her giveaways and it is a gift I will always cherish. I also discovered Joanna's little magazines and love them so much. Other bloggers and magazines like those are full of inspiration for me along with the hoards of other books and magazines I acquire. I keep notebooks, yes several, for different types of sewing with all my inspiration and when I need an idea I just start flipping through them til I find it. Love your scrapbook idea!

Stina said...

Ahhh...lovely wins...:o) The necklace is super clever..:o)
And I am totally hopeless when it comes to organizing... need a secretary..have tags all over magazines... have books where I have written ideas up... but do you think I remember I will check the comments for more tips!! :o)

Candace said...

What wonderful goodies you won, Sherri! Like you, I've never been more inspired since I began blogging! I have a notebook I've kept for years - re-doing it every so often - of magazine clippings, blog tutorials, and anything else that inspires me. I organize it by category and keep it close by!

Dionne said...

I'm so un-creative that everything inspires me. I love to ride the coat tales of all the creativity around me, no matter if its in nature or in the wonderful quilters and bloggers on the web.

Sheri Howard said...

It is amazing to me how small the world is, and how generous people who blog are with their patterns, talents and comments. What a lovely group to be involved in. Congrats on your wonderful gift!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sherri, you are one lucky girl there....folders I am a big folder girl...I find and I collect...inspiration, blogging, amazing what this has done for me...members of our quilting group..

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I found Karen a while back also!! I love her blog, and your holder is wonderful, what a great idea. I am so glad you liked the fabric! mel, is also special, but let us not forget you!! I read your blog all the time. As for ideas, I have a binder with folders, where I put tips, quilt to make, fabric I like and photos. I also get idease from other bloggers. Right now i am going to start a quilt with the "Katie Jump Rope" line because of a quilt I saw on a blog. what a happy family we all are!!!

Hermano y Hermana Kroff said...

Thanks for the shout out!

I too am so inspired by blogging quilters and crafters. Ever since I've been wandering around blogland I haven't had a creative block!

I love that others are willing to share their talents!

You, my friend are one of my inspirations, thank YOU!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Sherri, I really like the necklace, super handy.
Inspiration, I see it all over, from blogs, magazines, just being outside. I think that's why I start to many projects. LOL
Keep Stitchen'

w&v said...

V. here...
You ARE a winner!! Thanks for sharing your cute prizes!! I get inspiration from having a lot, but not all of my projects out on open shelves. i can see them all and my mind starts racing. I love looking at all the wonderful publications over and over. V

Lauren said...

My grandma is my insperation. She sews like everyday. She's so busy she always finds the time. I love looked at patterns with her.
Also you are a great insperation!!
I love that polka dot fabric and the necklace is adorable and handy!

Darlene said...

I get so much inspiration from fellow bloggers. So often I'm in awe of everything that so many are so willing to share. I have a notebook that I use to tuck notes, drawings, pictures that provide additional inspiration. And, I do refer to that notebook very often.

Ankie said...

There are a lot of inspiration out there in blog-space and all the yahoo-groups.
I have a notebook that I will try to use more.
Bookmarking websites is one of my tricks but I often forgetts in what group I put it.
But I always think it could have been worse.

Carrie P. said...

Your blog is an inspiration too. You always have such great things to show. Love that vintage fabric and congrats on your two winning.
I have a folder that I keep pictures and such in so I don't forget where to look. I have also got out my art journal and have started drawing again.

julia said...

Hi Sherri,
congrats to your wins, you lucky girl...! ;o)
Oh, I love the Fresh Vintage of Joanna's older issues has a beautiful pinwheel/circle quilt in it & I so want to get started on this one ....if not ;o)
Hugs, Julia
P.S.: I, too, find so much inspiration through "blog hopping", looking at quilty pictures...I'm sometimes a bit lost when it comes to get inspiration from every day least in winter a big city isn't that much inspiring...BUT: now spring has sprung and it's full of colour & flowers & I finally know what those peeps mean *g*.
Hugs, Julia

A Prairie Home said...

I found your blog through the GHQA2. I'm a member of the original Quilt Along and live in southern NV also--in Pahrump though. :o) I love the little hexagon necklace. I've seen the eye bolt necklaces for holding thread and bobbins, but never with the hexagon carryall on the other end. I need to get busy and make a few of these!
PS: Love your hexies too!

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