Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Merry-Go-Round Progress

I untied the ribbon and started to cut the strips for "Merry-Go-Round." The pattern is actually designed for two jelly rolls...but I had done a little math and knew I could make it with my fat quarter bundle...I just needed to cut twice as many strips as were called for.
I cut lots and lots of strips--but the good news is that I have quite a bit of fabric left over (26 pieces 8" x 22" and 10-2 1/2" x 22" strips).
I started playing with different combinations, sewing the strips together in pairs. I sewed these two together...162 more to go! I also decided to play with some Valentine's fabric. Most of you will recognize what I'll be making with the fabrics in the top picture below.

The bottom picture shows the beginning of a Valentine's table topper using Mel's pattern. And if you haven't seen this free pattern yet, then you should go over to Anne's blog and take a look (it's definitely a project to add to your list). Speaking of lists...I've been pondering my quilting goals for the year and have loved reading about all the different goals you've set. I decided to try to keep it simple and have just five goals: first, I'll start and finish one easy, fun quilt per month (Merry-Go-Round for January); second, I'll finish one work-in-progress each month. My third goal is to work on whatever I want to, and my final goals are to work on applique' and machine quilting.
Well, happy sewing...I've got lots of strips to sew!


Tatty Mum said...

I love that fat quarter bundle your using for your merry-go-round quilt, I'm really looking forward to seeing the end result.
The fabric in the bottom photo looks fun and the sort of fabric I would like to use in a quilt for my daughter can you let me know what it is.
As for keeping your quilting goals for this year simple the 12 easy fun quilts would be more than I could do never mind the rest so good on you and I'm also looking forward to seeing all you finished projects.
Joanne. xx

Stephanie said...

Sometimes the fabric is so pretty bundled up I hate to take the tie off but once it's off you can see all the gorgeousness much better.

I did drag out a bit of Valentine's fabric. I just can't get to Valentine's Day yet. Still recouping from Christmas.

rachel griffith said...

you undid the ribbon!!!
you cut the fabric!!!
go you!!!

mine still sits...ribbon on...waiting for me.


jacquie said...

i think it looks even yummier when you freed it from it's tie.

The NELSON Family said...

I love love love that material!
Can't wait to see the end product!

Kritta22 said...

I just finished with the Merry Go Round about two months ago. My suggestion to you is to make the fabrics as different as possible...they stand out better. AND keep the scraps...they make a throw size quilt if you sew some with a different pattern in the middle. Check out my's call Nicci's quilt.

PS I have a hard time untying the ribbon too!

Mel said...

I'm so glad you posted a pic of your table topper from my pattern!! I LOVE the fabrics! It's fun to see how the fabrics change the whole look of a quilt!

RachelJane said...

Very nice! It's kind of a rush to cut the fabric, isn't it? Almost feels dangerous haha.

Check out my Pay it Forward giveaway!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love your bags and your blocks that your working on. Dont ya just love making bags.

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