Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! We will have eleven for our Thanksgiving dinner!

Along with cooking and eating and cleaning, I'm going to try to find a few minutes to read some of my favorite quotes from William Bradford. I read a lot of his writings in college before I knew he was my direct ancestor (yes, William Bradford is my tenth great-grandfather)! Thanks to a lot of research by my great-Aunt, members of our family have been able to join the Society of Mayflower Descendants. (And thanks Mom, for doing all the paperwork and giving me my membership for my last birthday)!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Anna M. said...

What a cute turkey...'Where's the beef?'...that really made me laugh! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! =)

Kevin and Vicki said...

Hey Sherri. Just wanted to tell you that I have been stitching my little heart out all weekend while we were at St. George for Willard Thanksgiving reunion. Everybody thought the "Be Attitudes" blocks were so cute. I also happened to fall upon a shop called "Let's Quilt." It's a place where you can go and rent a machine to do your own quilting. It was fun to take it for a quilting spin! Hope your weekend was fun.

Vivian Love said...

Cute Turkey. I wish I were a Mayflower descendant! How lucky you are!

Vivian Love

ivoryspring said...

Wow, Sherri - what a neat membership certificate!!!

I am having so much fun catching up on your blog.

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