Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Best Laid Plans...

Yesterday was Monday...and I had some plans...there was nothing on the calendar...DH had work and younger daughter and younger son had school. My plans were to do a LITTLE housework and then get some sewing done. I didn't just want to sew--I wanted to FINISH something! The day started out lovely...during the early morning hours it actually feels like fall could be here soon. So...I decided to get a little exercise by mowing and fertilizing the front and back yards (beats walking/jogging for aerobic exercise). I got the outside work done before it got too hot, but I couldn't feel good about sewing without catching up on some housework and laundry first. Needless to say...several hours later (and with a much cleaner house) I was finally able to shower just in time to take younger son his football gear. Then it was back home with just enough time to make dinner before younger daughter went to work (still no sewing). Younger son got home from football practice just as I was cleaning up dinner...he mentioned two friends were coming over to do Algebra homework. So...I decided to just try to cut things out on the kitchen counter so I could keep the young men actually doing their homework (I did need to do some cutting). Homework done, younger son reminds me that I promised to make banana bread with some quickly ripening bananas on our counter. Just as the banana bread is about out of the oven, younger son realizes his bag with his new school shoes and clothes is still on the football field (16 miles round trip). So, after a quick phone call to younger daughter to make sure she will be home in time to take the bread out of the oven, we head down to the school. I am absolutely sure the bag has been stolen, but....it is there! We head home to banana bread (by now it is 9:30 p.m.), and I decide no matter what I will finish cutting out my projects! So the children go off to bed, and I stay up until nearly midnight...and I accomplished a few things!
I cut out two fall baskets from here, and the fabrics to make this bag, and my block 4 of my mystery quilt from here. Then I cut out three blocks from my "Golden Memories" quilt and one block from my "Sampler Magic" quilt. Exhausted, I fell into bed!
Today was busy as well...I had a doctor's appointment, but did find time to stop by a quilt shop where I had a $25 credit. I bought a yard of "Farmer's Market," a yard of "Cotton Blossoms," and a half-yard of "Bijoux" and with my gift card I got some Cherry Blossom scented "Best Press" starch, a spool of my favorite "Aurifil" thread, a Christmas magazine, and a "Farmer's Market" fat quarter.
So, I'll try again soon to get some actual sewing done...I miss my machine...a girl's gotta sew, you know!
Oh, and Leanne Beasley showed us her sewing chair and what was in her hoop...here is what's in mine...I'm getting closer to having the stitching done so that I can make the armchair caddy from Helen! Thanks so much for stopping by and putting up with my long story! Next time I'll have some "finishes" to share!
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Happy sewing everyone!


Dawn said...

Well done, my friend!

Carol said...

Love what's in your hoop...can't wit to see it grow. You were a very busy girl.

Kevin and Vicki said...

Oh my gosh Sheri! Isn't that the way Monday's go? I told Kevin Monday after football, dinner, homework, and everything else that needed to be done that we are going to start having FHE on Sunday nights!

quilterpolly said...

what a busy day. I was so excited I made my first basket last night. I took a break and said I am sewing and I did it. You did a lot more than I did. Reading it made me tired. I can't see how they all come out:)

Linda said...

WOW I was tired just reading about your busy day! Now that the kids are grown and on their own, I am so used to much less hectic times. I wonder how I did it all back then!

Lorraine said...

wow! well done to get some stitching done! I have so many things I want to do and love to get a finish!! I have put tea on and am back in the sewing room to try and finish a journal cover - it's going together quite well....so far so good!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

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the Material Girls Quilts said...

Mondays are never good! but it sounds like you got some done, this should make your Thursday you are one of the winners for the ironing board cover from Material Girls Quilts just send me an e-mail with your address
Kudos to you!

Anna M. said...

What a busy day you had...glad you were able to get some sewing in! =)

Pattie said...

Hi Sherri -

This is my first visit to your blog - it's nice to meet you! :-)

I've been oohing and ahhing over the photos you’ve posted of your projects. We have VERY similar taste in fabrics and designs, although you're a much more advanced quilter than I. You do such lovely work! I look forward to reading (and oohing over!) your future posts.

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