Monday, July 1, 2013


Hello again! If you are looking for the Blogger Girls Block of the month post, it's here. But if you are looking for Schnibbles, you are in the right place! The gorgeous quilt pictured above is Sinta's version of our July pattern, "Lincoln!" I think hers might be the prettiest version I've ever seen! This pattern is available as a paper pattern, pdf pattern, and it can also be found in Carrie's book Another Bite of Schnibbles: 24 Quilts from 5" or 10" Squares (That Patchwork Place). So....since there is a larger version of this quilt in the book, you have the option of making either size quilt this month! We have some beautiful Dulcinea quilts to share this we go!

Joann made a beautiful version, and I truly love her photo too...looks like the perfect gate to hang a quilt!

Brenda sent this gorgeous photo of her quilt.

Carol C (no blog) made this lovely Dulcinea.

And Carol Lewis made a beautiful red version with some fun accent fabrics.

Connie's quilt is also beautiful!

Drue sent this cute mini!

Elizabeth made an absolutely stunning version of Dulcinea.

Gretchen used neutral tones for her quilt.

Hildy made this bright happy quilt!

Izzy used Boho...a fabric collection  I love!

 Jackie created this fun and happy version!

Jennifer used blues, creams and beautiful!

Jodi's quilt is also stunning!

Judith used a beautiful classic red, cream and tan mixture.

Julie T created a fun quilt as well.

Karen M used a fun border print (It has been fun to see all the border variations)!

Karen O created this bright Dulcinea!

Kim's patriotic Dulcinea is perfect for celebrating this week!

Dorothy used minty greens, pinks and yellows!

Gerri also used some classic blues, creams and tans!

Jan made this beautiful quilt!

And Cindy made this soothing summer version!

I hope you've enjoyed the quilts...I sure have! And there are even more over at Sinta's blog today! Be sure to stop by and see the rest of the quilts. And thank you so much to everyone for sending in their photos and links. Today's parade was the easiest one I've posted...I so appreciate your help in sending everything in!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


JoAnne said...

Thanks again for hosting the parade! Lincoln next! Yay! I've been wanting to make that one for ages. Oh, and your Blogger Girls BOM is excellent, too!

Hildy said...

I love all the quilts this month each one is beautiful, thanks Sherri!

Judy said...

Thank you for the Schnibbles Parade, they all are just so awesome! It's so fun to see how everyone does theirs!

Christine M said...

All the quilts look lovely. Sinta's quilt is just beautiful. I love the fabrics she has used.

Sinta Renee said...

The AYOS girls are amazing! I love these quilts and am inspired to make it again!!!

Patty D from NC said...

everyone did such a wonderful job. I like the choice of Lincoln for the next one.

Aunt Marti said...

What a wonderful variety this month! I especially like the different border treatments -- almost as many different ones are there are quilts submitted!

OPQuilt said...

This was a really fun YOSParade, especially when you start noticing all the different borders! I saw several color/fabric combos I'd like to try--which I guess is one of the really great things about this parade.

Thanks for hosting this. I'll head over to Sinta's next, and spend time clicking around to people's blogs tonight!

Elizabeth E.

Jean(ie) said...

I just adore that Lincoln quilt! So cute! And I recently bought that book during my twice annual tour of Martingale/That Patchwork Place (I live down the street from them... Lucky me!).

I have some adorable red, white and blue fabric I could use for that. It would be sooo perfect!

Cindy said...

Hi Sherri. Thank you for sharing such beautiful quilts in the parade. I have chosen a personal,, it's not mine, LOL

Lesley said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful parade! So much inspiration!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

What a fun parade! And Lincoln is perfect for July! Thank you for all you do!

Missy Shay said...

What beautiful quilts!

Nancy E said...

The quilts are so inspiring! Love seeing what everyone does with the pattern and the fabric they use. Sinta's version is the prettiest Lincoln quilt I have seen. Thanks for hosting this!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

It's amazing how many versions there are--fun parade!

Thimbleanna said...

Another great Schnibbles month. But, like you, I LOVE that cute little quilt by Sinta in your first picture. Thanks for sharing!

Connie said...

Thanks for hosting Sherri, it was so much fun!

Darlene said...

Another beautiful parade of Schibbles.

Satu said...

A lovely parade! Oh, I was mentally prepared to sew Plan C in this month, but Lincoln is also pleasing;o)

Michele said...

The parade is so much fun :-) It's a good week for a parade, don't you think? All of the Dulcineas are beautiful! Thanks so much Sinta, Sherri and Carrie too.

Delcia R. said...

I totally agree that Sinta's Lincoln is the best version of that pattern. It's probably just me, but so often I am not thrilled with Schnibbles patterns until I see one done with a whole different color theme. Thanks for showing it!

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