Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Quilt Goals and Progress

Hello and happy Tuesday! I can't believe it's already the 17th of April...time is going so quickly this month!  I meant to post my second quarter goals earlier this month and to do a review on my first quarter goals...but now is better than later! And honestly, I didn't meet many of my first quarter goals...but I have a good reason why!

During the first quarter of 2018 I made seven large quilts and a mini quilt from 

start to finish.  You've seen the mini and four of the large quilts as they were the new quilts with our Clover Hollow fabric collection (find them here, here, here, and here)!  But one you'll see later this year with the final two not making an appearance until 2019!  

I've also pieced a couple of smaller projects for publication that you'll see later this year.  And, I'm working on a market quilt with the upcoming Fig Tree collection that I need to try and finish this week!  So I think it's okay that I didn't finish very many of my first quarter goals!

My first quarter goals were to:
  • Finish 3 works in progress
  • Make a Sew Together bag with our Clover Hollow fabric
  • Start Christmas pillow block sewing
  • Organize on a weekly basis.

And here is how I fared:
  • Finished 3 works in progress--yay!
  • Did not make the Sew Together bag
  • Did not start Christmas pillow block sewing
  • Really did organize on a weekly basis--I'm getting there!
So...I've thought a little about what is coming up from now until the end of June, and I have some new and revised goals for quarter two!

I think that writing my quilting goals down really helps me stay more accountable.  I do have some sewing I won't be able to share this quarter as well, so I'm going to keep my goals pretty simple for this quarter (and if I end up getting a bit more done, then that's all the better)!  What I want to accomplish this quarter:
  • Finish making my blue and cream plus blocks (photo above and my last blog post on this quilt here).
  • Finish making my village house blocks (photo above with my most recent post on these blocks here).
  • Stay caught up with my block of the month projects.
  • Make some small projects with Clover Hollow for our quilt market booth.
  • Continue to organize on a weekly basis--finish sorting and organizing all of my fabric (hoping to have some more progress pics on this soon).


If you're new here, you might enjoy a couple of my earlier organizing posts...the one above has a lot of ideas for starting out a new year, but they also work for getting organized at any time of year!  Go here to read it!

And if you'd like ideas on organizing the quilting works in progress you have, the post above is helpful.  Find it here!  You can also visit my Pinterest Board on organizational tips for quilters here!

I just want to also thank everyone for filling out the survey from yesterday.  Your comments are so kind and so helpful!  You can still reply by going here (scroll to the bottom of the post where you'll find the link for the survey).

Happy quilting, and thanks so much for stopping by!


Needled Mom said...

You always sew with such happy colors. I love the blue plus blocks.

Hildy said...

Love all your work and I'm a bit sad that we have to wait till next year tosee some projects ... but I'm sure they are worth the wait;-)
I'm recently made two pillow covers with Vintage Holidays (and it feels really good to have already something for Christmas I'm bad at Christmas sewing before the holidays start) and love them both. One was made with the Little Stars Mini pattern by Camille but the other star pillow is my own design. Think it would be super fun to see it in your fabrics too and have my full permission to copy it and turn it into a tutorial if you want. I also shared the measurements in the comment section lokk for the star block with the scissors and the rotary cutter and scroll a bit down. For the sahing you need 6x1"x6.5" strips, 2x1"x19.5" strips and for the border 2x1"x19.5" and 2x1"x20.5". It was super fun to make just saying;-)

Pati said...

Wow!! You make me tired just reading all that you have done in the last 3 months! Please tell me that you are not still teaching too!!!

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