Thursday, March 15, 2018

9-Patch Quilt #TBT

Hello and happy Thursday! I've been making a lot of 9-patches using our new fabric lately.  More than one of the new quilt patterns uses some variation of the 9-patch, and I've also been working on a jelly roll quilt for a book that uses a 9-patch variation.  It's a great block to use because combining strip piecing with the block construction can save a lot of time.  And along with that, I really do love the nine-patch's versatile and can be combined with many different designs and in many different ways.

These 9-patches were pieced with scraps from our Desert Bloom collection just 

about two years ago...I ended up having a lot of these 9-patches and made a pillow and a table runner...and a quilt!

This quilt actually just came home last week as had been hanging in our local hardware store where they had some of our Desert Bloom fabric in their fabric section!

As soon as I got it home I put it in our family room to add a touch of spring!  The wildflowers and bright colors just seem to go along with the season right now.  And since it's cloudy and rainy today, the grey is a perfect fit as well. We didn't have a grey in Creekside or The Front Porch, but I'm happy to say we have a beautiful grey in our upcoming collection that you'll be seeing soon!

I used a grey dot background for this quilt and wanted to really make the quilt all come together with the binding.  Our geometric print on blue was the perfect choice for the binding.

I just love how it brings out all of the different blues in the quilt and even highlights the blues in the floral sashing fabric!

It's good to have this one home again! And today was a perfect day to highlight this for my "Throw-Back Thursday" quilt post.  And...did you know I have a free tutorial for this 9-patch quilt?

You can find the tutorial for this quilt here...and I also have a tutorial for the table runner I made with some of these blocks that you can find here!

Happy quilting...and thanks so much for stopping by!


Hildy said...

Glad you have your quilt back and that there'll be grey in your new collection. If you tell me now that there's no yellow in your new collection too you make my day;-)

Monica said...

I had purchased a pattern from you from Etsy that is similar to this with 2 1/2 in scraps. This looks simple and and an opportunity to use up scraps, too. I think i'm going to start making 9 patches from my western fabric and see what i can come up with. Thanks for the idea!

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