Thursday, February 22, 2018

Happy Friday Quilt #TBT

Hello and happy Thursday! I thought I'd share another quilt from a few years back and make it a Thursday tradition.  I was going through quilts the other day to prepare for an upcoming trunk show, and found this fun quilt!  I've always loved these "beachy" prints and colors...this truly is a happy quilt!

I actually still have a Layer Cake of this fabric that I've been holding on to for a 

few years (Beach House by Kate Nelligan for Moda).  I really do want to make another quilt with this fabric one day--maybe a picnic quilt the next time around!

It's interesting to me how the quilting is spaced so much further apart than what I prefer now; however, the bubbles pattern is still a favorite of mine!  This quilt actually hasn't been home very much since I made was on loan to a quilt shop for a few years and just came home a few months ago.

I think I'll wash it up after this trunk show and keep it out for this summer!  Oh...and the backing...this sand dollar print is one of my favorites.  I still have scraps from this as well!

This is a terrific jelly roll quilt...or scrap quilt...and you could also make it with a Layer Cake.  It goes together quickly with strip piecing!

You can find the patterns for my Happy Friday quilt in paper and PDF in my shop. And...I have some fun news to share today, too...

...The Front Porch fabric  has begun to ship to your favorite shops!  I'm shipping all of the pre-ordered Christmas bundles from my Etsy shop today (there are just a few left in the shop), and the pre-order low-volume bundles will ship on Monday (the low-volume bundles sold out, but I will list more next week if I'm able to)! 

Happy Quilting...and thanks so much for stopping by!


Little Quiltsong said...

The Happy Friday quilt is still a favorite pattern that I've been meaning to make for a while now. I need to bring it to the fore-front again! So looking forward to your new fabric line arriving on 'My' Front Porch :)!

Linda in Calif. said...

I love this fabric line - totally awesome prints. I'm so tired of dots - and these little squares or flowers are a good replacement. I've never seen this quilt before - how darling to have the snowballs pieced like this.

Gmama Jane said...

I just love your color choices in fabric and quilts! I consider you one of my top 5 favorites in all areas of fabric, quilt patterns, projects, Instagram,and blog! I'm making an effort in 2018 to let people Know what it is about them I like & appreciate! I THINK the words of appreciation in my head but forget to put words to print and let people know I appreciate them and their creations! Thank you for what you do to brighten up the quilting world! Your style appeals to my style choices!
Blessings from Alabama
Jane Ellen Hillis
GMAMA Jane Ellen

Hildy said...

Love your quilt I remember when you first released the pattern (4 years agao!?! time does fly) and I love the quilting on it.
Love your new collection too!

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