Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Quilt Works in Progress

Hello and happy Wednesday friends!  I finished up going through my works in progress, listing them, and doing some thinking about my first quarter goals for 2018. It feels so good to have done this, and most importantly to have written it down!  I feel ready to start making some progress!

Scrappy 1930's Farmer's Wife using Denyse Schmidt fabrics

I have a few tips to share on this topic today, too--so I'm hoping you can gain

some helpful ideas from this post! This is a continuation of the post I wrote on New Year's Day, and I'll be sharing ideas and tips each Wednesday to help us all stay focused throughout the year. (All photos in this post are current works in progress)!

9 Tips for Organizing Works in Progress

1.  Make a list of all of your works in progress.  Include the current status of each project and leave room to update as you work on each one.  The American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Tracking Sheet makes this easy.

2. Consider new projects you want to start in the next three months.  Write down your ideas.

3.  Also consider some organizing tasks to accomplish in the next three months.  Write these down as well.  Scrap management and organization does take time, and yes, it keeps us from using all of our time to sew, but it's so worth it!

Upcoming Christmas project using the Figgy Christmas collection

4.  After making the three lists described above, make a plan to sew!  I like to work on scrap projects and organization on Saturdays and work on current  projects and older projects during the week.  This works for me, but come up with a system that works best for you.

5.  Note progress on your lists as you accomplish tasks, even small ones.  Little things really do add up, and it will help motivate to see what you've accomplished.  For example, this week I've been super busy and haven't been home a lot.  But I did a little bit each evening and now have 112 blocks ready to sew together today! 

6.  Keep projects you are currently working on easily accessible.  My drawer system is turning out to be a real life-saver!  It's been so much easier than using plastic boxes--I can quickly put things away when I'm switching from project to project, and I love that so many things can be pulled out to be worked on so quickly.

Scrappy Double Wedding Ring quilt

7.  If you don't love a project anymore, it's okay not to finish it.  I actually get a lot of questions on this come through email.  I've actually found good success in asking around to find people who might be looking for projects to work on. Try asking at your local quilt shop if they know anyone who might appreciate your donation.  Quilt guilds are also a terrific group to work through for donating projects and fabric.  If you have kits that you haven't even opened yet, decide if it's something you still want to do before deciding to keep it (I do find kits handy when traveling to retreats...)!

8. Consider going over progress weekly.  If you are able to fit a short weekly planning session into your schedule it can greatly help you stay organized.  Read this post where you can download my free weekly printable organizing page.

9.  Start sewing...and have fun!  Remember the oh so helpful addages: "Small steps can accomplish great things" and  "Finished is better than perfect!"

I actually have exactly twelve works in progress, and my goal for this quarter is to have three of them ready for quilting (I already finished this one over the weekend).  My other quarterly goals include making a Sew Together bag using The Front Porch fabrics, making blocks for Christmas pillows for 2018 giving, and organizing scraps on a weekly basis.  I also have some secret sewing that will be commencing during this quarter, so I have to be ready for that!  I hope you have gotten some good ideas out of this post:  Happy list-making, planning and preparing for a great year of quilting!

PS My 2018 block of the month will be beginning on January 15th!  

Thanks so much for stopping by! 


Katie said...

a bunch of good ideas

em's scrapbag said...

Such good advice. Thanks for sharing.

Joan said...

Great ideas and thank you for the organizing page. Looking forward to the 15th!

dq said...

Great tips Sherri! I love your fabrics all organized and beautifully photographed.

Nancy Schaefer said...

I'm looking forward to the BOM but hoping this year you will give totals for all fabrics at the beginning, thanks.

T Holzer said...

You have so many gorgeous projects on the go, Sherri! I look forward to seeing each one. On one hand, weekly goals seem like a waste of time for me because life moves so fast that a week goes by in the blink of an eye, but then on the other hand, I think that's exactly why I need weekly keep me on track. I have a goal of sewing 15 mins every day, but I'm 2 for 7 for the past week!!

Hildy said...

Thanks for all the tips! I really plan to finsh some quilts I've started mostly they just need to be quilted and bound.
I hope to join your BOM this year.

mascanlon said...

Thanks for the good ides Sherri! of course when i went to print both helpful forms my printer laughed and said "No ink" I need another 'to do' list too! I have been transitioning as well from containers. I am using big zip locks for 'kits' and trying to keep most current projects on cookie sheets, that a long has made a big difference. Still hasn't prevented me from losing a project in the clutter but getting better!

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