Friday, January 26, 2018

Fabric Friday

Happy Friday! I've got some fabric and pattern inspiration to share today!  I guess I didn't make it very far into the new year without purchasing a little fabric; I had so much fun sewing with the Sweetwater black and red prints for my Valentines pillow that when I saw these fabrics I had to pick up a few!

I think I might have to make a heart quilt with these fabrics and some of my

scraps for next year.  The Project Red reds pictured above are readily available now!

I also love these Circulus fabrics by Jen Kingwell.  I bought the bundle at market, but couldn't resist picking up a yard each of the two lightest grey prints. They will make great backgrounds for a future project!  You can find the Circulus collection here.

This isn't fabric...but a fun sew along I wanted to tell you about.  Isn't the checklist with the houses cute?!  I already had this pattern and am thinking of making it with a mix of all of our fabric collections.  Hoping to make a few houses this weekend.  Find the cute sew along download here.

And finally...I picked up a copy of this magazine at the bookstore the other day.  I saw it around Christmas time and really wanted to make the cover wall hanging.  But I couldn't locate the magazine on-line and then forgot about it with everything going on!  I was so happy to see it on the shelf the other day...a project for next year!

Have a great day, and I'll see you back for the Saturday Seven tomorrow!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Andrea York said...

I have that Villages pattern~time to start working on it!

Robby H. said...

I have that Village pattern, too. Must be time to dig it out and get started. I had been thinking of scrappy-scrappy, but your idea of a more cohesive design has me thinking, too.

Hildy said...

Love all the fabrics and a Village quilt with your fabrics would be great!

Carla said...

One day after retirement I might do a sew a long but not now. I love the pattern though.

I'll follow along for now to see what everyone else creates. ;o)

Dondi Murdock said...

I just ordered that Village pattern. It is just too cute! It might take a year or two to finish since I am working on about four other projects right now, but that is ok. It's all Ok! It's my schedule and I don't answer to anyone on a finish date. For once, I'm not doing a wedding quilt! Yippee!

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