Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Best Quilting Posts | 2017

Hello and happy Wednesday! I've been seriously working on getting organized this week...and on making plans for the blog for next year!  So I thought today would be a great day to share my top posts from this year (just in case you missed any of them...and because a lot of them do have helps for beginning the new year)!

 I'll start with number ten and work my way up to number one! It was interesting and fun to note that a couple of these posts were actually from previous years but are still being visited enough to make the top ten!

10.  Checking in at the tenth most popular post this year was my Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt Along Post!  I was happy to see this make the list because this quilt is so much fun!  In fact a scrappy bright version is high on my list for 2018.  Find this original post here.

 9. The ninth most popular post this year was my Tips for Organizing Quilting and Sewing Projects post.  It has some good ideas along with a free printable for helping you stay organized!  Find the original post here.

 8.  Ten Tips for Sewing with Layer Cakes came in at number eight!  (There are actually a few more than ten tips in this post).  This post also contains links to four different free patterns for Layer Cake is sure to inspire you!  Find the original post here.

 7.  The post on How to Sort and Organize Scraps came in at number 7!  This is one topic I'm going to be talking a lot about very soon!  This post focuses on organizing and storing pieces of fabric smaller than a fat quarter...and you can find the original post here.

6.  Scrap Quilts from Strips was the sixth most popular post this year. Find lots of ideas for quilts pieced with strips--jelly roll quilts and scrappy quilts with strips you cut yourself!  Find the original post here.

5.  My Quilting Life Mystery Block of the Month quilt was the fifth most popular post for the year.  These patterns will be coming down in just a few days, so be sure you have any that are missing.  All of the links can be found on the home page for this quilt along; please don't hesitate to email me with any questions.  You can find the landing page for this quilt here. Links to all of the block posts can be found on that page.

 4.  My String Quilt Block Tutorial post from 2013 came in at number four this year!  This project is one of my works in progress that I'm hoping to finish up this year!  I actually have some blocks ready to go for this one...hmmm!  Find the original post here, and find a few extra tips for these blocks here.

3.  The landing page for my cleaning and organizing series from a few years ago was my third most visited post this year.  This is a great page to visit because it has links to posts on a variety of different organizing projects for the sewing room.  Find this post here.

2.  The number two post was the Tips for Sewing with Strip Sets post.  This is a good one with several helpful ideas.  Find this original post here!

1.  And...the number one most popular post this year was my Ten Tips for Using Jelly Rolls post!  Find this original post here

It was fun for me to look up the analytics for the year and revisit each of these posts to get the links for you!  And...the review gave me some great ideas for upcoming posts.

Pin the image above in order to return to this page and have links to all of these posts!  Happy quilting...and thanks so much for stopping by!


Hildy said...

I loved all your blog posts thanks for your great tips!

Helen L said...

So I'm finally ready to organize my sewing room. I've only just got the table in it right before Christmas, but with the rush of Christmas sewing it's a mess already!! I've already done assignment's 1 & 2, so I'll be working on the assignments as you've listed them. Thanks!! I've waited pretty close to a year to get all the pieces in place, so this is going to be a wonderful organizing project to get it all put together. Hugs, H

Paige said...

Hello, When will you post finishing instructions for your 2017 BOM? Thank you!

koberg said...

Did I miss the finishing instrustions for you Quilting Life BOM?

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