Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt Along Update

Hello and happy Tuesday! I finally had the chance to work on my scrappy Log Cabin blocks.  I'm really trying to finish up this quilt by the end of the month, so I felt like twenty-seven blocks was a good accomplishment for a Saturday!

For this batch I went completely scrappy...mixing and matching reds and greens

 and low-volumes in the same rounds...and I love the look!

I used chain piecing--piecing all of the green centered blocks in one go around and piecing all of the red-centered blocks after the first group was finished.

I really love these blocks!  I can hardly wait to get this finished...although I am only about one third of the way there for a king-size quilt.

I've been cutting some of the strips to the exact size to save fabric, too.  For instance, the first light rectangles I've trimmed to 2 1/2" wide...saving me quite a bit of fabric. And when I have left-overs or extra pieces I've also cut them to the exact size so they are more usable.

I didn't cut all of my strips at once...I have a stack of fabrics I'm using and have kind of been cutting as I go.  I did head to the fabric store today and pick up a few quarter yards (you can get 5 width of fabric strips from a quarter yard cut if you are careful).  I'm going to cut them all up tonight, so my tray is filled with strips ready to sew!

If you're using cream based backgrounds there are two new releases you might want to pick up (even if you don't use them for this quilt--they are great basics to stock up on before they sell out).  The top fabric (left side) is the Hazel & Plum Cream Posies print. With a light background and taupe-colored dot flowers it really is a great low-volume background.  I'll be adding this into my quilt soon...and it will also work for many other things.  On the right is the same print in Pomegranate on Cream. It's also a great background choice. Sometimes the best backgrounds sell out first, so I always try to order them as soon as the collection ships .  If you're using Fig Tree colored reds and greens for your quilt, there are actually quite a few lights, reds, and greens in the Hazel & Plum collection that will work well for this quilt.

I just love these blocks :) If this is your first time here, you can get all of the details about making these blocks from this post.

If you have any questions about the quilt along, please feel free to email or leave your question in the comment section.  Also...what do you think about a parade of finished quilts sometime in December? Or maybe January?

Happy quilting, and thanks so much for stopping by!


Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said...

They are beautiful and in my favorite colors!

Hildy said...

Love your log cabin blocks and 27 in one day? WOW you're fast! If you doing a parade I'll vote for mid January. I really plan to make some blocks but right now I'm quite busy andif I could work on this quilt between the years it would be perfect.

mamadevlin said...


I am going to make a twin version of this quilt. The instructions say we need 88 center squares. Would that mean that you would need 44 red and 44 green?


Lori Brewer said...

Love the colors

Little Quiltsong said...

Such pretty blocks. Looking forward to making a few once I get my ruler. Have always wanted to try these. Thanks for giving the push, Sherri :)!

Janan Doster said...

I really think a parade of your quilts would be lovely. I can't wait to see the scrappy log cabins finished!

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