Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Easy Corner Stems Tutorial

Hello friends, today I'm sharing a step-by-step tutorial for making easy corner stems.My Maple Sky quilt pattern and my Maple Sky Mini quilt pattern both use this method for creating the stem sections of the blocks, and I thought it would be helpful to have a step-by-step visual for reference. This is also the same method to use for making signature blocks.

While this block unit can also be done using the technique of paper piecing (see

my tutorial for foundation paper piecing here), I think it's much faster and easier to use the easy corner method.

Begin with three squares of fabric cut according to pattern directions.

Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of one of the smaller squares, place squares right sides together, and stitch on, or just a thread's width to the right of the drawn line.  The finished unit is usually more accurate if you can sew just a bit off of the line.

Trim, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.  Then press the background fabric towards the seam allowance.

Next, you'll repeat the process above for the opposite corner.

Trim again...

Press once more and you have a perfectly centered stem section.  You can also use this method for signature blocks, making the outer squares smaller so there is a larger space for writing in the center (you'll also want to reverse light and dark fabric for signature blocks).

Now, go out and make those Maple Sky quilts!  (Maple Sky in paper and PDF and Maple Sky Mini in paper and PDF are in my Etsy shop)!

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

PS...I'll be back tomorrow with giveaway winners and the October Block of the Month!


gailss said...

Great post on those stems and will make it so much easier for make them.....thanks Sherri

T Holzer said...

Have you used Doug Leko's new ruler? I wonder if it could be used for this block?? I bought it a couple weeks ago, but I haven't used it yet. I might just have the most perfect fabric for this quilt LOL. I looked at the fabric requirements for it and now I'll have to see how many FQs I have. I was in a 2 week sewing funk before I won the Creekside JR, but now I'm sewing great guns with it, so thanks for that, Sherri! I'll share pics of my finished quilt when I'm done it. Have a great day.

Hildy said...

I love your method to make stems they always turn out great!

Peggy said...

Thank you for the tutorial. It looks so easy. I will be trying it on my autumn leaves quilt.

Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said...

That is a cool way to make the stems. Thanks!

Little Quiltsong said...

Looking forward to making these lovely patterns in your new Front Porch fabric line - and maybe adding in a few from your other lines. The Maple Trees in our area give off such beautiful variety of colors in the Fall.

I quilt 4 fun said...

Thanks for sharing this, I just could not figure it out with the drawings in the pattern and found an explanation on you tube. This is just what I needed and have it with my pattern now.

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