Friday, August 11, 2017

Ruler Reviews

Hello and happy Friday! I've recently tested out a couple of new-to-me rulers and thought I'd share my thoughts on them with you today.  Both rulers were purchased by me...this isn't any type of a sponsored post...just my opinions and thoughts on these rulers.

I do love our modern quilting's hard to imagine having to quilt

without acrylic rulers and rotary cutters.  But I'm always a bit skeptical until I've tried something myself.  While I was at International Quilt Market in May I had a little demonstration from Doug Leko on his Simple Folded Corners ruler.  I was impressed.

 I finally got a chance to use it last week when working on my final new The Front Porch fabrics ended up being a huge time-saver because that quilt had a lot of folded corner pieces.

With the Simple Folded Corners ruler you don't have to draw any lines...ever!  You simply place your fabric squares right sides together...

Trim as directed...

 Sew a 1/4" seam...and press!  That's it...a perfect simple folded corner.

 When using the ruler on all four corners of your block be sure to first make simple folded corners on two opposite corners before  finishing up the remaining opposite corners.

 I have another project I'll be using this ruler for soon...

I loved the fact that it saved me all of the time I would have spent drawing corner-to-corner lines.  And, if you prefer to make your block a little bigger and trim down to the perfect size, there are directions for that as well.  Conclusion...I love the Simple Folded Corners Ruler!  

I also recently tried the Bloc Loc Flying Geese Square Up Ruler.  There are some Block Loc rulers I love...and some...not so much (I feel like the half-square triangle rulers aren't worth it for me...I have a half-square triangle method I love that works well with all sizes of hst's...and it would be really pricey to purchase every size ruler I need).

But I've been curious to try the Flying Geese versions because especially with smaller flying geese it can sometimes be hard to achieve perfect accuracy.

With the Bloc Loc Flying Geese trim ruler you first make your flying geese block in the traditional follow a cutting chart which gives you over-sized pieces.  The chart is clear and easy to read and comes included with each ruler.

You then place the Bloc Loc ruler on top of your flying geese unit, nesting the grooves on the ruler with your seams.  You can see in the photo above that I had a little extra left over on all four edges.

Trim the block on all four sides (a rotating mat helps here)...

And you are left with an absolutely perfect flying geese unit.  I'm sold. While I didn't purchase really large sizes of these rulers, I did purchase all of the smaller sizes...the ones I really fret about having perfect!

For more of my ruler might be interested in the following posts:
 Happy quilting this weekend!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


Hildy said...

The Simple Folded Corners ruler sounds great. Can't wait to see more of 'The Front Porch':-)

Susan P said...

I just bought some Bloc Loc rulers but haven't tried using them. You're reviews are always so helpful. But, I do have a question. I went to the link of the Itty Bitty Eights Ruler Review. When you are using the dashes on the rulers, are you using the dash mark just up to the edge of the fabric or do you measure to the middle of the dash mark to get your measurement? I guess if one is consistent, it wouldn't matter. But I'm just curious to how you measure/

Bella Pink said...

Thank you for showing the Simple Folded Corners ruler. I HATE using the stitch and flip method because the corners are usually wonky and don't look right. I will buy this one....arden

Helen L said...

I found the Bloc Loc rulers a few years at PIQF and have the 6ish inch one for HST's and the flying geese ruler. I love them both, but I've never been able to get a really accurate flying geese unit, so I LOVE the Flying Geese trimmers! They are sooo wonderful in my opinion!!:-) Nice to see the review on the corner trimmer: I got it a few months ago and have yet to try it out. I've been waiting till my hubby is done with his busy season to get the final things done (like the table to put my machine on) in my "new to me" sewing room!! It's been slowing coming together since April, so I've had to be PATIENT!!!! :-) Have a good weekend! Hugs, H

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