Friday, July 14, 2017

Scrappy Quilt Sew Along Part 4

Hello and happy Friday! Welcome to part four of the scrappy quilt sew along inspired by a wonderful scrappy quilt I found in my Grandmother's collection!  I've had a lot of fun figuring out this pattern from her quilt and sewing my blocks,  and today I am sharing the next step...the design to set the blocks together!

For the past three Friday's I've posted an assignment for blocks...the 

Part 1: first assignment was to cut solid squares 
Part 2: the second assignment was to make 9 patch blocks, and the
Part 3:  assignment from last week was to make quarter square triangles. (Click on each assignment to get details for block construction then see the diagram below for quilt lay out).

Now that you have your solid squares, your 9-patch units and your quarter square triangle units it's time to start putting them together as shown in the diagram.  You can see from the photos why I felt it was important to  have a good amount of contrast in between the lights and darks in the quarter square triangles--it really helps the pattern to show up well.

You'll also notice that every other row features only solid blocks and quarter square triangles with the dark prints on the sides and that the other rows feature quarter square triangles with the darks on the top and bottom alternating with a combination of solid squares and nine-patches.

This is one of those quilts where you will probably want to lay out all of the blocks before sewing so that you can make sure the colors and prints you've used are distributed evenly throughout the quilt.

Be careful not to do what I did in this photo...notice that the bottom left quarter square triangle is turned in the wrong direction!

So...your assignment for this week is to sew those blocks together!  Next Friday I'll be sharing my Grandmother's quilt (it's quilted now!) along with my progress!

One final note (as I mentioned briefly last week), the origin of this quilt design is no longer a mystery!  One of my blog readers, Andrea from Pennsylvania, saw my original post about my Grandmother's quilt and immediately recognized the pattern.  She e-mailed me right away to tell me her story and wrote up a lovely blog post about her journey in making this very same scrap quilt. Basically, her story is this...twenty two years ago seven members of her family, inspired by her Aunt, made this pattern--exchanging blocks so each quilt could be extra scrappy! Since Andrea tells the story so beautifully on her blog (with wonderful photos of the quilts), I won't say any more but will direct you here to read her post. Thank you so much, Andrea, for sharing your story and for publishing it on your blog! I've said many times how much I appreciate the on-line quilting community...and yours is just one more example of what I love most about blogging!

Of course my grandmother must have got the idea to make her quilt from Quilter's Newsletter...she was an avid reader of that magazine from the time she began quilting.  Now I'm left to wonder, though, if she also exchanged blocks or fabrics with others in her guild or sewing circle to make her's definitely very scrappy!


Tammy J said...

What a fun story. It's so nice to see connections like this. I'm still putting fabric together, but will be making this quilt soon. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Hildy said...

Thanks for sharing the layout with us! I hope to make this quilt sometime later this year. Have a wonderful weekend!

Beth LaMotte said...

What a sweet story to go with a darling quilt. I have 8 more 1/4 square blocks to make, then assembling begins! This quilt is a great scrap buster. Many thanks.

Sharon Wood said...


Thanks so much for this scrappy quilt-along. I have enjoyed it so much, and making the blocks was such fun. All of my blocks are finished, and I'll be putting the blocks together soon. Thanks again.


Dyann Cox said...

Small world indeed.....Andrea seeing your blog post and sharing her family sew along and showing you the pattern as it was in the day your grandma made this quilt. What a wonderful story from Andrea, how fun that would be to have a family to share a swap with. Swaps have been going on for decades :) Your Grandma would be proud, I am looking forward to seeing her finished is a 2 generation quilt finish. Bless you for the finish and for spiriting this sew along :)

Andrea said...

Sherri, I am still marveling at the fact that your grandmother stitched the very same quilt we did! Thanks so much for posting about her quilt, and allowing me to reflect on our special memories as a result. Thanks for all you do for the quilting community!

margaret said...

thank you for this last part, will be having a go once the charity makes are all done, have a stall to fill by the end of august so my personal bits are on hold for now but saved all the links. Off to check out the link re Andrea now

Kerry said...

Thank you for sharing Andrea's post - I clicked to read and what a terrific story. I did enjoy. What a history for you both!

Rosa said...

Thanks for the quilt along .Hope to join all the blocks next week.Your quilt is stunning!

Monica said...

I read Andrea's story on her blog. That was so heart warming. What a small world. :) I'm till working on putting my blocks together, using Christmas fabrics. Going to the quilt shop today to buy backing. YEAH. Thanks for the quilt along opportunity, I"m glad to have been a part of this. I enjoy your blog and seeing your projects on FQS, too. Thanks for the inspiration.

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