Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New Quilt Books

Hello and happy Wednesday!  Today I'm sharing some new quilting books that recently landed on my doorstep.  There is a lot of quilty goodness and inspiration in each one!

Just before I left town last week, Lori Holt's new book arrived. Her latest quilt 

book, Spelling Bee is just as fun as I thought it would be. I absolutely love the spiral binding which allows it to be completely flat when opened to the chosen page. There are patterns for uppercase and lowercase letters along with numbers, punctuation signs, and pictures blocks. Blocks  all have directions for both a small and a larger size. And...there are quilt and project ideas galore. This is truly a book which will give you lots of great ideas for projects!

Another lovely book that arrived is 19th-Century Patchwork Divas' Treasury of Quilts: 10 Stunning Patterns, 30 Striking Options. This wonderful book features 10 different block patterns with 30 different setting options. The blocks range from simple to more complicated--while most of the blocks are easily pieced with simple patchwork...there is one stunning foundation pieced pattern as well.  Quilts are shown in beautiful classic fabrics; however, the designs would look beautiful with any fabric choices.

Finally,Quilter's Yearbook: 52 Weeks to Explore Your Inner Quilt Genius and Have Some Fabric Fun is an absolutely delightful book...think of it as a creativity generator with 52 weeks of ideas to draw, doodle, or embellish with your favorite fabric swatches.  Each week brings a new "assignment" that helps you evaluate projects you've made, projects you want to make, and tools, fabrics, shops, and designers that inspire you! Experiment with color combinations and keep your ideas collected in this very personalized journal!  

Do you have a favorite quilting book...for projects, inspiration, or both? I'd love to hear about your favorites!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Hildy said...

The 'Treasury of Quilts' book is on my wishlist perhaps I'll buy it sometimes soon. The books I recently bought and love are Vanessa's 'Charm School' and Jo Morton's 'Little Favorites II'. I love small quilts and charm packs and the ones in the books are great.

Cheryl B. said...

I'm very excited to receive my new Spelling Bee book. I have been using the Spell It With Moda to make children's quilts with their name spelled out as a row! However I need the smaller block size for some longer names!! I'm wedding dress shopping in Reno for my middle and final daughter! it should be at my house when i get home! Im embroidering as my youngest daughter drives.

maryhiggins888 said...

Fresh Family Traditions is wonderful! I look forward to being inspired by the Spelling Bee.

Helen L said...

I just got the Spelling Bee book last week and am dying to start on something in it, but need to finish what I'm working on now. Too many projects!! :-) How is your summer going? Hot as can be, I'm sure! We've had about 2 total weeks of about 100 degrees, but luckily it's been cool the last few days! It's been too long since I've seen you! I haven't been to Las Vegas in 2 or 3 years now. I've got to get there this year! I'll let you know when I do so we can meet for lunch or something. Hugs, H

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