Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tips for Organizing for Quilters

Happy Wednesday! I hope your summer is off to a great start! I've been busy working on designing the patterns for our next fabric collection, doing a bit of household cleaning and organizing, and especially getting organized in the sewing room! I'm not sure why, but the beginning of summer always seems like a great time for me to get organized!

So...I thought a round-up post of my favorite ideas and tips on the topic of 

organizing was timely! The first post I want to mention is actually a series of posts I did a couple of summers ago on cleaning and organizing your sewing space. This post will actually also link you to several other posts I did on organizing, so it's a great starting place!  Find it here (or click on the photo above).

One question I'm frequently asked is how I store and organize fabrics left over from quilting and sewing projects.  This post will give you thoughts and ideas on storing and using those scraps!  Find it here (or click on the photo above).

Sorting and organizing scraps of any another great summer organizing project...find ideas here (or click on the photo above)!

Perhaps you want some ideas on how to store and organize projects you're currently working on...go here for ideas (or click the photo above).

And's all about time...this time management post for quilters was one of my most popular posts last fall...find it here (or, yes, click the photo above).

What are your favorite tips for organizing? Recommendations...I'm always looking for more ideas!  Thanks so much for stopping by!

PS...I just realized that it's been almost 9 years since I started this's just amazing how the time has passed so quickly. Anyway, I'm working on some fun ways to celebrate the blogiversary...details in just a couple of weeks!


Judy H said...

Love this post. But I have to say on the topic of 'organizing' your sewing....

I had several projects carefully stored in bins and zip lock bags. When a fire destroyed the upstairs and back half of our house at Christmas, the front part, where my sewing was, received only heavy smoke damage. All my fabrics and yarns, stored in bins and bags, survived just fine. Little if any smoke or water damage.

So there is something to be said for buying all those plastic bins!

Hildy said...

Thanks for your tips I always love your posts about organizing (although I should do it more often to tell the truth). Can't believe it's almost 9 years of blogging for you your blog is one of my favorites!

Kay said...

I love getting tips to make my sewing easier and happier. x

margaret said...

this week I had a good sort out of my larger scraps and now have them in 10 fabric baskets one for each colour though black, brown and grey share a basket so they look good too but oh dear me take up too much room

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