Monday, June 5, 2017

Quilted Bags | Tips

Hello and happy Monday! I've been working on some small bags here and there and thought I'd share my most recent finish along with a few thoughts on how I stay organized sewing these small projects.

After doing my market sewing, I found I had enough extra quilted fabric to make a few more small projects.

For me, doing the quilting for small bags probably takes longer to get finished than anything else, so I always try to use any extras I have left over!

This is the Stash and Dash bag pattern by Annie Unrein. I first made one of these two summers ago while participating in a sew along (see my first one here), and I went on to make several more that I used for gifts for family and friends. But I didn't end up with one for myself, so I was excited I had a piece of quilted fabric big enough to make this. And, even better was the fact that I was able to use the new navy mesh for my pockets.

The three mesh pockets can be used to organize makeup, sewing supplies, a first aid kit, or even chargers for electrical devices. There is an optional vinyl pocket on the outside back that I left off.  The bag folds up, and the strap feeds through the slider, securely holding it shut.  So happy to finally have one of these!

Now for a few tips...when you have left over quilted fabric, cut it out and clip it to the pattern you want to use it with. I find this helps me remember to get it sewn up quickly.

Assembly line sewing always goes quickly, so I hurried up and quilted a couple more pieces to use for Open Wide when I start this project I'll be making three!

I also like to gather zippers, hardware, and contrast fabric and store with the quilted pieces and patterns.  Additionally, I'll prepare the binding, zipper pulls, and other small parts before beginning to sew the really speeds things up to have those little steps accomplished ahead of time.

Finished projects go into my gift they are ready for giving when a birthday or holiday need comes up!

Happy sewing...thanks so much for stopping by!


Heide said...

What a cute little bag, love all the little pouches. I have this pattern, going to have to print it out and get started!

Hildy said...

Wonderful little bag and what a great tip to organize all together! Half the time I'm hunting down the items I need when I make a bag this will really help me:-)

Jayne Honnold said...

Great tips! Thanks so much. I agree that the quilting takes quite a lot of the time necessary to make a bag, and you have figured out a way to cut time by having everything else gathered and prepped.

Helen L said...

great ideas Sherri. I did sew the open wide bag for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it. Now I think I may need some Navy mesh! ;-) Hugs, H

margaret said...

pretty and practical too, Annie makes such wonderful patterns, quite a few of our MQG make them but they are a bit too complicated for me though I admire them

Lily Oliver said...

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