Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hazel & Plum Sewing

Hello! Today I'm sharing a little of my pre-market sewing with the new Fig Tree & Company collection Hazel & Plum. I've been sewing samples for Joanna for quite a few years now (the first collection I sewed with for her was Mill House Inn).  So it doesn't quite seem like market time until I do a little Figgy sewing! I was able to finish most of my quilt market sewing with Creekside before Joanna received her fabric, so it worked out really well this time around!

Here are all of the fabrics before I started cutting into many lovely

prints as usual. While several are reminiscent of earlier collections, the colors are very fall and very today! I think the reds and yellows are my favorites this time around.  Although...those greens!

The first quilt I pieced is an updated version of an earlier pattern called "Vanilla & Blooms" (I actually pieced one of the samples for the original pattern when it was first released and also made one for myself at the same time). So it was fun to make this one again with the lights and darks reversed!

I was also able to piece a new version of another earlier pattern called "Nutmeg Stars." I loved making this quilt and think I'm going to make one for myself this summer. I'm torn between making it using Coney Island prints with a light background...or using the reds and blues from Creekside for a patriotic version!

This is a versatile collection sure to please all Fig Tree fans...although the collection has a very fall-themed feeling, I think the reds, greens, yellows, and aquas will work well mixed with the summery Fig Tree fabrics for a lighter feel.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


AnnieO said...

Mill House Inn was the first Fig Tree collection I really fell for! This new collection definitely has its same luscious colors and prints. Love the piecing you did--those stars are pretty complex!

Hildy said...

I love the Fig Tree quilts you've made! I was thinking about making a white, red & blue version of the Nutmeg Stars pattern too. Hope it will be released soon!

Little Quiltsong said...

Beautiful - especially love the first quilt pattern - as it showcases the fabric prints so well! Another beautiful figtree line!

Karee said...

LOVE Vanilla & Blooms and Nutmeg Stars!! Made grandaughters Vanilla Blooms with same fabrics but one with color in the centers and the other with colors in the 'outline' -- so cute, not sure which I love better. Two favorites.
Made a Nutmeg Star with medium greys and light golds -- amazingly lush looking.
Have the patterns been updated or is it just the new fabric lines that are updated? You inspire me to make them again in new collections such as Thrive.

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