Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Choose Joy Quilt Book and Journal

Hello! Today I'm happy to be letting you know a little bit about my fellow Moda designer and friend Shannon Gillman Orr. Shannon has a new quilt book and journal just published titled Choose Joy. The phrase "choose joy" has been my mantra for 2017, so of course I was excited to take a peek at Shannon's book.

 photo by Steffanie Frandsen

Choose Joy contains directions for thirty different quilt blocks, directions for

making the "Choose Joy" quilt, ideas for smaller projects, binding and quilt assembly directions and...journal prompts. Cutting directions are given so you can cut out the whole quilt at once or so that you can make the blocks one at a time and make a more scrappy quilt.

 photo by Steffanie Frandsen

Templates included in the book can be copied at 100% making it easy to use them (no need to go to a copy shop or worry that you're not enlarging at the right size). 

 photo by Steffanie Frandsen

Shannon's latest collection for Moda fabrics is Tuppence, which is showing to shop owners now.

You can find Shannon's book here: Choose Joy: Quilting with Intention.

Happy quilting...thanks so much for stopping by!



Margaret said...

Sherri, think it's so intesting that your motto this year is "Choose Joy", because I am sure that I speak for many of your blog followers when I say that you "Share Joy" with all of us. Your postings are always so cheerful, your fabrics so colorful, and your patterns so happy looking that it always a pleasure to see a blog entry or Instagram photo from you. So, a sincere "thanks" for sharing your joy!

Kay said...

I'll look out for this. I love it when the pattern had pieces at 100%, there is little more annoying than having to upscale designs. x

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