Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Splendid Sampler Quilt | Borders

Hello and happy Wednesday! I try to post work(s) in progress projects on Wednesdays whenever possible, and I definitely have lots of works in progress right now. I'm currently working on my third quilt with our upcoming Creekside fabric collection for Moda, and I'm just in love with the whole collection.

Since I can't share any of those projects for a couple more weeks, I thought I'd revisit my Splendid Sampler one more time with you before it's off to be quilted.

I was able to get the borders added since I shared this last...and I'm very

happy with how they work to really make the quilt feel finished. I really wanted to use the same mint floral I used for my sashing posts for the outer border, but I wasn't able to get that print at the shop I was at. I chose another mint floral (also from the Chestnut Street collection) and I'm really pleased with it. It's a bit more whimsical than the other more traditional floral, and I like the feel it gives to the quilt.

My inner border is a print from the Strawberry Fields collection (and I also used it in the scrappy sashing). It seems to be a fun contrast with the polka dots in the setting triangles.

It's always hard to fold it up to send to be quilted...I actually left it out on a guest bed for a few days just so I could go in and look at it every once in a while!

Here are the finishing details:
  • 50 blocks (6" x 6" finished)
  • Sashing and posts 1 1/2" cut (posts 1 1/2" x 1 1/2")
  • Inner border 1 1/2" cut
  • Outer border 4" cut
  • Finished measurements 60 1/2" x 70 1/2" 
It's just the right size for a couch/lap quilt! I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep this one on a chair in our master bedroom!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Terry said...

Very pretty, I like it a lot.

gailss said...

What a beautiful quilt Sherri and love your border choice....just perfect for this top. I do like the way designers have made their lines blend with their other fabric lines. Makes it much easier to choose from fabrics when we want a "bit different" finishes.

Beth said...

Sherri, your Splendid Sampler is so beautiful. You are so talented with blending fabrics! This Sampler is on my list of projects :)

Susie Hoover said...


Kim Gordon said...

I love the way you are finishing the SS! Is there a blog about how you chose your sashing and finished it? I see triangles.

Thank you!

Hildy said...

I love how this sampler quilt looks with the borders! Can't wait to see it quilted:-)

greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

It's fabulous, Sherri! I'd have to look at it for awhile, too, before sending it out. And your border and sashing prints are perfect!

Susan from Kentucky said...

Very pretty, indeed! I would have to look at it awhile before sending it out, too!

Leeanne said...

Love it! So sweet, soft and delicate........happy quilting!

mamacita007 said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! Would you also share what size the setting triangles are? My math is wanting so your measurements for sashing, posts and borders are really appreciated! TIA, Judie


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