Thursday, November 10, 2016

Splendid Sampler Quilt Blocks

Hello and happy Thursday! I've been working on my Splendid Sampler blocks a little over the past few days and have a few to share with you!

I've also finally decided on the number of blocks I'm going to make and have 

my setting arrangement figured out! After adding four more blocks to my stack this week I have a total of 35 blocks finished. With 50 blocks I can make a great lap-sized quilt set on point, so that is now the plan! There are still over 25 blocks yet to be released, so if I end up with extras I may just put a few on the back rather than making enough more to get a twin-size quilt.

All of today's blocks are made with my Coney Island scraps...I had been looking to get a bit more navy into my quilt and have done that with these four blocks. I'll spread them out throughout my quilt in order to keep the navy from being too overpowering.  Now the block on top of my stack below is not a Splendid Sampler pattern but one of the blocks from the Coney Island Revisited mini quilt I shared here...I just love the block so much I had to make one to add to this quilt!

First up is my version of block 76, "Little Things." The block pattern actually has a solid center section with an applique'd  cup in the middle, surrounded by the quarter-square triangle blocks. I simply made an additional four quarter-square triangle blocks for my block.

I also pieced block 77, "Prism." This was a simple to piece block...the fun of it was figuring out where to place fabrics for the greatest impact.

And this is block 78 by Carrie Nelson. This was a really fun block to make as well!

And one more look at my "Coney Island Revisited Mini" block...I really love this traditional design!

There is a lot of navy in these blocks, but I think it's going to work out well in balancing out my finished quilt.

I love them all...

You can go here to download the Splendid Sampler block patterns...remember that you need to print them off now as they won't always be available on-line. But the good news is that there is going to be a fantastic book with all of the patterns available later on!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lesley said...

Your blocks are looking beautiful!

Hildy said...

I love your blocks with the pop of navy! I'm so far behind with this that I know I'll never catch-up but that's okay I just make my quilts smaller;-)

Little Quiltsong said...

The navy daisy print from Coney Island is especially eye-catching. Your blocks are so pretty!

em's scrapbag said...

Your blocks look great! I have gotten behind on my sampler blocks. Hoping to get back on track soon.

OPQuilt said...

Fun to see all your gorgeous blocks stacking up, and to see in detail your latest. It will be a great-looking quilt, for sure.

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