Thursday, October 13, 2016

Simple Table Runner | Tutorial

Hello and happy Thursday! Yesterday I made a fast and fun simple table runner to add to my fall decor. Sometimes you just need a project you can start and finish in just a few hours!

I used Chestnut Street fabric which is "fallish" and bright and happy at the same

time. Remember the strips I shared yesterday?

Some of them turned into these blocks...

Which turned into this table runner...easy as can be!

I made my runner narrow enough that it can also double as a dresser scarf when I'm not using it on my dining table.

You can find the full tutorial for this table runner here (or click the first picture in this post)!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Hildy said...

This looks so great! And I love the phrase 'dresser scarf' didn't know it and now I have a need word in my vocabulary.

carol fun said...

Cute tablerunner... it has a California Fall vibe!! Different from my Midwest Fall but still nice! (I'm a Midwesterner by birth but lived in Modesto for a while, so I've seen Fall in both places...LOL)

Little Quiltsong said...

Great tutorial for this little table runner or dresser scarf. I find I'm filling my house more and more with these. Love yours and the fallish colors in this fabric.

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