Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cosmetic Clutch Pattern Review

Hello! Happy Thursday! First of all...please know my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina  as the hurricane approaches tonight and tomorrow and also with all of those who have already been affected in the Caribbean.

Today I have another pattern review to share. If you love fabric bags but are worried about making them because of the required zipper installation, then this is the pattern for you.

These bags stay closed with invisible magnets that are sewn into the interior of 

the bag before adding the inner and outer border strips, and so there is no need for a zipper closure. This was my first time using these sew-in magnetic closures, and I'm a fan of them now. They were much easier to install than traditional magnetic closures (installation of which involves cutting the fabric and inserting prongs through the cut holes).  To install these, you simply sew through the thin vinyl casing enclosing the snaps.

The pattern I used is the Cosmetics Clutches pattern by Annie Unrein.  I made two of the small size bags to try out the pattern (6" H x 9" W x 4 1/2" D); however, there are medium and large sizes included in the same pattern. 

 In comparison to the Open Wide pouches I reviewed last week, these small sized clutches are just a bit smaller than the medium sized Open Wide pouch.

I again used cross-hatch quilting for my bags, but simple straight line quilting would work just as well. If you are making a lot of bags you can have a larger piece of Soft & Stable quilted by a long-arm quilter with your chosen outer and lining fabrics and then cut all of your projects from that larger quilted piece.

 There are many uses for these terrific clutches. I plan on using my small one for's the perfect size, and I love how easy it is to open. I can even leave it open in my bathroom drawer.

The larger sizes, like the pattern suggests are perfect for storing smaller items (socks, underclothing, bathing suits, etc.) within your suitcase when traveling or for organizing in your closet. I think the small and medium sizes would also work well to store sewing supplies.

The Cosmetics Clutches are fun bags when you don't want to install a zipper, or when you want to make an easy-to-open bag!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Margaret said...

Wow! Your cosmetic bags look terrific! (Maybe it's the cute fabric you used). 😊

Hildy said...

Your bags look great!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

these are cute. they could make great gifts

OPQuilt said...

These are cute! I love my bags, done in the same style and use them frequently in my travels. Thanks for teaching us about these, too.

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