Thursday, July 14, 2016

Family Quilts and Family History

Hello and happy Thursday! If you've been reading my blog for a little while you've probably read a little about my grandmother and her grandmothers who were wonderful quilters. I'm grateful every day for my quilting heritage and for the family members who have made it possible for me to know about those who came before me!  I truly have a love of family history and genealogy, and I'm grateful for those who have worked so hard to make family records available for everyone to search!

 Dresden quilt by Emma Acelia Wakefield Fitzgarrald and Jean Lee Ella Bice Bontrager Wilkins I'd like to let you know about the upcoming Worldwide Indexing 

Event which will allow anyone with a computer and internet connection to join in and help index records in order to save the world's records by making them searchable to the public.

 Lily quilt by Mary Gilchrist Bice

This event will take place from July 15-17; FamilySearch International will sponsor the third annual “Worldwide Indexing Event,” in order to bring people from around the globe together online during a 72-hour event to save the world’s records by making them searchable to the public.

During the 72-hour indexing period, volunteers participate by downloading the FamilySearch software and completing as many names as they would like.  Anyone with a computer and internet connection can join.  
Volunteers have made over one billion historic records searchable online since FamilySearch introduced online indexing in 2008. The demand for indexed records continues to grow as millions of historical records worldwide are added every year.

Tumbling Blocks quilt by Virginia Lee Fitzgarrald Bice

FamilySearch International is the largest genealogy organization in the world. It is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. FamilySearch and its predecessors have been actively gathering, preserving, and sharing genealogical records worldwide for over 100 years. Patrons may access FamilySearch services and resources free online at or through over 4,921 family history centers in 129 countries.
If you are interested in participating in this indexing event, you can go here to find out more and to join in helping to preserve the world's records.

I've  definitely benefited from indexed records as I've searched out my family history, and I'm excited to be able to help out just a little by indexing some records this weekend!

PS...the quilts in this post were by my grandmother, great-grandmother, and two of my great great grandmothers...thanks so much for stopping by!


Shasta Matova said...

I index records throughout the year. I too have benefited from the indexing, so I like to give back by indexing.

Little Quiltsong said...

These quilts are beautiful - such special memories. I'm still hoping to make a Dresden quilt. Every time I see one it just warms my heart!

Sara said...

Your family quilts are gorgeous and how amazing that they have survived so that future generations could enjoy them. The only quilt made by my grandmother that I know still exists is a doll quilt she made for me. And it is certainly treasured.

Thanks for sharing the info on the indexing event too.

Hildy said...

I love the quilts frm your family! Thanks for sharing with us:-)

Mama Bell said...

Thanks for the reminder about the indexing--we have to preserve these records while some of us can still read cursive. The kids don't learn it in our local schools anymore. Beautiful heirloom quilts!

Janice Holton said...

Oh Sherri, you are so blessed to have that many quilting ancestors! And those quilts are wonderful! I will be the first in my line and as thing stand at the moment, my daughter has absolutely no interest.

Mary Howland said...

Thanks again for visiting our guild, Flying Geese Quilt Guild, in Irvine, CA. We hope you'll be in the area in early June 2017 and can visit our quilt show. I ordered my 30 degree ruler and will be cutting and sewing on my quilt. Each time I play with the fabrics I like them a bit more. You are an excellent teacher and I hope to take another class from you again. I will forward your name to another guild I belong to, too. It's the South Bay Quilters Guild in Torrance, CA.

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