Monday, May 2, 2016

Quilt Cruise

Happy Monday! I've been away for a little while, and though I meant to get some posts scheduled for while I was just didn't happen. But I'm home again and busy preparing for quilt market which is in 2 1/2 weeks. At that time I'll be able to share everything I've been working on since mid-March!

 I was actually on a quilting cruise last week where I taught some wonderful 

women as we sailed the western Caribbean. I worked with Doug Leko, Gudrun Erla, and Dana and Donna from Stitchin' Heaven as we traveled to Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel, Mexico. We were able to take part in the ship activities, take shore excursions to the islands, and quilt on all of our sea days (and any other times we wanted).

 The cruise was was sponsored by Stitchin' Heaven and was the ideal way to attend a quilt retreat. Classes take place on the sea days, but the conference center is set up and available for sewing at any time of the day or night.  The amazing ladies from Stitchin' Heaven bring Bernina sewing machines for everyone to sew on, and have pre-cut kits available for each project (so you can spend more time sewing rather than cutting)!

 I'll do another post later this week and share more about the quilt I taught and some of my sewing while I was there. I should also have our group photo by then and be able to share our "class picture!"

 I had never been to the Caribbean before and immediately fell in love with the beautiful waters which were such lovely clear shades of turquoise...the foilage
and island views were also incredible.

 I was able to have beach time in Haiti, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel and also take a couple of in Grand Cayman and one in Cozumel, Mexico where I learned about the history of those islands and their people.

While in Cozumel we were able to see some of the Mayan ruins and learn more about the people, their culture, and their traditions.

It was truly a wonderful experience...I loved meeting people from all over the world and appreciated being able to spend time with lovely quilters from all over the US and Canada!

 We sailed with Royal Caribbean on the ship Freedom of the Seas, and every need and luxury was catered to us as we sailed--the waters were calm for the most part, and we didn't have any rainy days!

 I got some good photos, but of course they only partially capture the beauty of the sea and shore.

 One of the most interesting parts of the trip was our visit to the Mayan Cacao Company in Cozumel where we learned all about the Mayan chocolate making process from harvesting the beans to making the final product. Of course samples and lots of tasting were involved on that tour!

 I hope to be able to sail and sew many more times...if you have ever thought about taking a quilt is an absolutely wonderful experience. Go with a group of friends or go by yourself and meet new people...I'm very grateful to have been able to have the experiences I had last week.
 Okay...I have lots of quilty things to share this week and will be back soon with the Village parade...

Thanks so very much for stopping by!


Sherry McConnell said...

Hi Sherri!
I took a quilting cruise to Alaska about three years ago and it was wonderful! Sewing when we on the sea and still enjoying all the excursions and experiences when we were on land as well as the visits to the different quilt shops throughout Alaska made it a once in a lifetime trip! We went to the Caribbean last year and I was also so struck by the colors! So glad to hear that you had good weather and so much fun! See you at Market!

Sherry McConnell (Indiana)

Hildy said...

Looks like you had a great time, a lot of fun, good friends and food and amazing weather! And you could sew! Perfect vacation:-)

mascanlon said...

My DH loves to cruise so now I need to find one that he'll go along with!

~Laurie~ said...

The pictures are amazing! Glad you had such a wonderful time :)

Little Quiltsong said...

Oh Wow - thank you for sharing. Love all the pictures!! So glad you had a great time!

Karen said...

Welcome home! Thanks for sharing photos of your journey.

farmhousequilter8 said...

Anxious to see what you have been working on. Paula in KY

Leanne said...

Gorgeous photos Sherri, what a way to spend a week. It looks amazing.

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a FABULOUS experience for you!! Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful photos. Makes me want a vacation!!

Jeanenne Nielsen said...

I would of loved to go on the cruise. My husband and I are going on a cruise to Norway for 21 days for our 50th anniversary this year, so I couldn't go. So far, I haven't been able to talk anyone into going with me. Maybe one of these days, I will be able to go on a quilting cruise.


Sherrill said...

I did one quilt cruise and think that was enough. We were on the big Oasis of the Seas and had the fabulous Lissa (of Moda Lissa fame) onboard along with 3 outstanding teachers..Lynne Hagemeier, Sandy Klop and Edyta Sitar and each project was gorgeous. Wasn't crazy about Debbie (Stitchin' Heaven owner) and felt bad my DH was on his own so much. I also longed to be 'up top' doin' a little pool time or other stuff around the ship when we were in class. But I've done one and that's good! You had some beautiful weather!

Lara B. said...

Your photos are so beautiful Sherri and everything looks and sounds so heavenly! What a great experience and I hope you get to do that every year!

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