Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Quilt Your Stash Week 7

Happy Tuesday! On Tuesdays I post ways to use your stash, ideas for scrap quilts, and my thoughts in general about quilting those fabrics you have and love!  I've had a few emails asking for a way to access all of these posts more easily, so I've created a special page for them.

 Each week I'll update this page with links to the most recent Quilt Your Stash

 posts--I'm hoping it will be a terrific resource throughout the year. Click above on "More Posts" or click here to access the page. I've also added a sidebar link with the image above...just click on the sidebar image to easily access the page.

This week I thought I'd write about what to sew when you don't feel like sewing, when you feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the projects (or life in general). I think this happens to most quilters at one time or another, and I have learned a few ways to get myself back on track when I think this feeling might be creeping in.

First, though, I thought I'd share my most recent finish. I know I shared some photo overload about this quilt here, but I finally got the binding finished up this weekend and had to share just one more time.

I found an older Fig Tree polka dot fabric that I had just enough of. Since this fabric is from an older collection it is a bit more of the tomato-red than the current Fig Tree reds; however, because the quilt is so scrappy and with so many different shades of red, the binding really seems to work.

 I don't think I ever shared the backi of this quilt, either. I used the Farmhouse text print and a strip of Farmhouse polka dots because I didn't have enough of the main fabric...used my stash again!

 So...here are some ideas for moving ahead with quilting your stash when you're not quite sure what to work on!

  • Try cleaning and organizing your main work spaces...it's amazing how quickly clutter can pile up on your work spaces.
  • Try sorting or cutting scraps instead of sewing. Sometimes I think we feel like we need to start and finish a scrap project quickly, but that's just not how it is. Scrap quilts take time, and some of that time needs to be spent with preparation tasks.
  • Make a scrappy binding. Every so often I go through my left-over binding bin and make a colorful scrappy binding. (The binding below is actually ready for a new quilt I'll be sharing soon...it's scrappy from just one collection: Vintage Picnic by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics).

  •  Cut out a small or mini project...and use your scrap bin! I'm making the Mini Clambake pattern this month for the Minis and More Parade on March 1st and decided I was going to make it completely scrappy! I'm not sure how many collections I used for this, but it was a lot!
  • Go over the lists you've made and re-evaluate what you might want to focus on next.
  • If you really don't want to work on a particular project, put it away until it inspires you again. Find something to work on that you really want to work on at this time.

 If you have any tips or ideas for quilting your stash when it's hard to just jump in and sew...feel free to leave your ideas in the comments section.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Andrea R said...

I make my own kits! Sometimes I don;t have the time or energy to start a projects but I have fun planning quilts and sorting fabric. I also have ADD, for real, so forget things I want to make or hyperfocus on others hoping I won't forget what I planned.

Get a box of XXL ziploc bags. Take one and toss in the fabric needed for a specific quilt, plus the pattern. No pattern? WRITE YOURSELF SOME NOTES. Pretend you are training an employee.

So sure, now I have a dozen baggies of half completed quilts, bags, runners, whatever... each in different stages. But all grouped so I can find them, all with notes, and all clearly ready and letting me know why yes I DO have no need for new fabric. :D

If the pattern is from one of my books or a PDF, I will print off a few pages, or photocopy a couple pages, and write notes on the sheets reminding me where I am.

this also really help absolve the guilt you might feel in putting stuff aside. if it sits there for six months, you;ve got notes and everything all in one bag!

This also works for saving scraps for specific quilts.

Little Quiltsong said...

Sherri - I love your posts and all your scrappy tips for making scrappy quilts. Your quilts are always so pretty. Though I also make many 'planned' scrappy quilts, I am also someone, who when I have had enough of an overflowing scrap basket, will just jump right in and sew, sew, sew till that basket is 'manageable' again. Hence my Beach Quilts :)! Funny thing, I've only done that twice so far - both times in the January months and after your wonderful blog posts :)! Thank You!

Hildy said...

Love your post and all this Fig Tree and Bonnie & Camille eye candy!
I recently went through my stash hunting down a fabric I know I have. Found the fabric but it didn't quite fit whst I had in my mind but while hunting I found a fabric I absolutly love (and forget I had;-). I put it where I can see it so the next project that fits will include it.

Janet said...

Wonderful post as always... I'm actually working on cutting up scraps into usable pieces this week :)

Janet said...

Wonderful post as always... I'm actually working on cutting up scraps into usable pieces this week :)

Ellie said...

How do you track designers and their fabrics. You seem to do it with scrap quilts too. My fabrics are sorted by color, not designer. Help

Charlie DiSante said...

The question from Ellie is one I have often wondered about.

Quilts By Laurel said...

Love, love, love!! I love polka dot bindings. I love scrappy bindings. I love scrappy backings too! :)

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