Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend Quilting & More

Hello! Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I spent more time organizing this weekend than sewing, but I know it will make for a lot more sewing and quilting time soon, so I figure it was time well spent!

I was able to finish up four more blocks for my half-square triangle scrappy sampler. This is the work in progress I'm hoping to finish this month and since I 

 have 21 of the 25 blocks completed now I'm hopeful I can get this finished up. I did run out of half-square triangles, though, so I'll need to make some of those before I can make any more blocks. All of the half-square triangles I've used until now have been left overs from other projects or from friends, so I feel like this is a true scrap quilt!

 I also finished up one more project bag this weekend. While cleaning and organizing I found another quilted back and piece of vinyl cut to size. I figured I'd better finish it up before I forgot what it was for!

I also quilted up a piece of Soft & Stable for a future project. Often the thing that keeps me from simple projects is not having the pieces ready to go. So I figured this was another good investment of my time this weekend.

 The machine I used more than any other this weekend, though, was my label maker (Brother P-Touch PT-D210 Label Maker). I wish I had learned to make good use of this a lot earlier in my quilting life. On Saturday I labeled, labeled, and labeled some more. I even labeled things I knew I might be moving later on because the labels are easy to remove from plastic, and it will keep me more organized in the meantime.

More on this tomorrow for this weeks Quilt Your Stash post!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


KathyinMN said...

So smart to have quilted small pieces on hand. And love the labeler idea! Every once in a few years I sort my stuff and label, and it always saves me time later. Always.

Little Quiltsong said...

This labeling machine sounds really interesting - looking forward to hearing more on it. I too was organizing and sewing this weekend. I love when a basket of fabric turns into a quilt, but my fabric scraps are accumulating. Sometimes I like to keep favorite 'fabric line scraps' together till I really can't make another (even mini) quilt from them. Why is it so hard to just let go and add them to the bigger scrap basket? :)

Tracey Holzer said...

Funny, we did the same thing with the organizing this weekend and we even have the same labeler. I label all of my books, fabric and rulers with it, but this weekend, I went thru about half of my quilt books and I labelled the quilts that I wanted to make from each book and their pages on the front of the book as well. I think this is going to prove very useful for the future. Have a great week.

Grandma said...

Great blocks, love how organized you are.

Hildy said...

Love your BC blocks! I've used a lot of BC fabircs for my FW quilt and as much as I love having them it's even better to use them:-)

Helen L said...

I have that label maker too: I've used it on boxes (plastic, that I got from Costco) to label quilt projects. They're made for scrapbooking, but I use them becasue they hold 12x12 paper, so they hold my quilt blocks flat: I hat re-ironing them!! Trouble is, they aren't big enough to hold all the fabric for a quilt, so I'm still figuring out that part. Can't wait to see your next post and your ideas!! Hugs, Helen

mascanlon said...

I also hesitate in buying a label maker so I will be so interested in your post. I didn't FMQ pieces thus weekend but I did fuse Dreamy fleece to a number of 10 in squares...hope they will be Sweetpea Pods soon!

Lara B. said...

My goodness Sherri, you accomplished so much! I've been trying to get things organized for the new year too, and thus have not sewn a stitch, LOL, I know what you mean about sewing something before you forget what it was for.

Beautiful blocks - so bright and cheery! Beautiful bag too!

Cheri Utsler said...

Bought a label maker this weekend and the charger so as not to use up batteries! Can't wait to organize!

Cheri Utsler said...

Bought a label maker this weekend and the charger so as not to use up batteries! Can't wait to organize!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

adorable blocks
cute bag
and cool label maker
Sherri, you had the best most productive week end.
I want one of those label makers, I think