Saturday, January 16, 2016

Scrap Quilts from Strips

Hello! As I've previously mentioned, this year I'm focusing on sewing with my stash, and for me that means making scrap quilts! My long-term goal is to make a scrap quilt every quarter as well as continue working on scrap projects I've already started.

 There are, of course, lots of ways to make scrap quilts, but for my first scrap

 quilt this year I'm going to make one using strips. I thought a post with ideas for scrap quilts based on strips would be in order. So here are a lot of ideas to consider with each and every quilt or quilt block pictured  made primarily from strips...perfect for using your scraps and your stash...enjoy!

 First...although scrappy trip around the world quilts look like they are made with squares, Bonnie Hunter's method uses strips. Left-over jelly roll strips are perfect for this project.

The scrappy Churn Dash quilt by Jane Davidson uses lots and lots of strips!

 This 12-inch string X-block uses lots of strips about 1-3" wide and about 5" wide. I am hoping to try this block this year since I have lots of shorter scraps! Find the tutorial here.

 My Anasazi quilt is a jelly roll quilt and therefore perfect for those 2 1/2" strips in your stash!

 Oasis is another one of my patterns that uses strips. You can use shorter strips for this project.

 The Go Four It quilt from the 2015 American Patchwork & Quilting quilt along also uses lots of strips to make the four-patch units. What's even better is that you can cut your strips from layer cake squares for this!

 Pineapple blocks can be made with strips!

My County Fair quilt can also be made from a jelly roll (you will have to cut your strips into squares for this one, though).

 The Scrappy Log Cabin quilt is perfect for left-over strips. Find the directions for this project here.

 String blocks are another perfect project for strips. I like to use strips at least 1" wide for my blocks. You can find my tutorial for string blocks here. I'm hoping to finish up this project this year!

 I've also been making a lot of log cabin blocks with strips...

My Happy Friday quilt is another jelly roll pattern...this pattern uses super fast strip piecing and would be perfect for scraps!

Beachcomber is another fast and fun quilt from strips or a jelly roll. Strip piecing really helps make this one go together quickly!

I hope this gives you some ideas for scrappy projects with your strips. I've actually got one more idea for scrap quilts with strips...I'm working on a tutorial for it right now!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Veronica Scott said...

Wonderful inspiration. Thank you!

BEARKIS said...

Very nice and good ideas!Thank you!!!

Hildy said...

Great inspiration! I've made a few of the quilts you've mentioned and they were all fun to make.
My 'problem' is that I have a lot of scraps that are smaller than 2 1/2" more like 2" or 1 1/2". Do you have any ideas for those? Would appriciate it:-)

Grandma said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Which one to make, I believe, I have enough strips to make two!

Janan Doster said...

What a great variety of inspiration!
I think it would be fun to make any of these!

Shasta Matova said...

So many pretty ideas to use up scrips.

Pam Hansen said...

Fabulous post today! So many great ideas presented for using scraps.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I'm totally with you on sewing from my stash this year. One of the first projects I'm working on involves using my older stash of traditional leafy prints and the scrappy trip technique to make a checkerboard quilt. I'm amazed at how much fabric I'm finally using up. Thanks for all the other strip possibilities.

Izzy said...

These quilts are beautiful !!I tried making a couple but they try my patience..Are you on Instagram ?? I have mine there ,,

Susan Smith said...

Can't wait to see what you do with your scrappy log cabin blocks!!

Quilts By Laurel said...

I love scrap quilts! All of these are so pretty! :)

Little Quiltsong said...

Thank you for these ideas! I have many of your patterns and the 'County Fair' is one of my favorite for using up my 2 1/2" scraps. I also want to make the 'Happy Friday' one soon. Love all of your blocks that you are making.

Robby H. said...

I love scrap quilts and you've shown off some great ones here. Sadly, not much in the way of scraps for this quilter at the moment. Must fix that!

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