Wednesday, December 23, 2015

More Quilted Bags

Happy Wednesday! It's getting down to the wire for gift making! I'm almost finished...I think (although I keep thinking of more things I could do)! But at some time I'll have to decide I'm done for this the meantime, though,

I made a couple more of the Project Bags I shared a couple of weeks ago. This

time I made a smaller size, opting for the medium size. And I put handles on both of them. Think how easy it would be to hang these in a closet with handwork or applique ready to go!

While the larger size I made first is perfect for transporting projects and blocks, this medium size is better for smaller blocks (6"-8") and hand work and English paper piecing. I like that this size is big enough to still hold quite a bit but small enough to put in a larger bag.  I think I'm going to have to make the smaller size, too, because I think it's probably bigger than I realize and would also do for paper piecing or applique.

This is a size comparison between the large and medium size...the large isn't a lot wider but is quite a bit taller.

Two are gifts...but one is for me...I have a work in progress that has been sitting in a pile that I'm going to put in my bag. Then I'm hoping I'll take it on the go more frequently and maybe even get it finished up in 2016.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Sigi G said...

Love these bags and the fabrics you have used. I'm glad you are keeping one for yourself :)!

KathyinMN said...

They are so awesome, and I ditto what Sigi said-glad one is for you. Everyone is doing bags, really feel I'm deficient in the zipper department. Had a dream I was in a store full of zippers the other night. Should probably take that as a sign to jump on this trend. Your bags are gorgeous Sherri, you really have an eye for fabric colors.

Rosa said...

Love the bags and the fabric.Sure will be a winner and glad you have one!

Merry Christmas!

Hildy said...

These bags look great! I still have to make a small pouch in which I can put the gift card for my brother and then two small 'pillows' with catnip for my cats (yes, I give my cats gifts;-) There's always something one can still make (and no, I didn't find time to make some stockings ... next year, right!?!)

susiefloozie said...

I love these bags! I think you're right ... perfect size for smaller, take-along projects! Good luck on getting that one finished next year!

n Carter said...

I love the look of your bags so I purchased all the supplies from and made that my Christmas Day project with my sister. We're both quilters and stitchers, and we love making bags like this. We're both widowed, no kids, and no other family near us, so we usually spend Christmas Day together doing a stitching project. We had a great time making one bag each, and now I'm on a mission to make more for myself. I have far too many works-in-progress, and they need a better home than Ziploc baggies!

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