Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gifts for Friends: Little Bags

Hello! I thought it would be fun to post a few more gift ideas this week...not necessarily Christmas themed, but perfect for giving at Christmas and at other times of the year!

Since I just finished some little bags, I thought I'd give you my thoughts on my two favorite small bag patterns.

For a super-quick-to-make little bag, I love the Quick Zip Cases by Annie Unrein.

 This pattern comes in two sizes (I actually prefer the smaller size because it's still plenty big for holding lots of things including a rotary cutter, thread spools, scissors...just about whatever). It's also a great size for taking make-up along on a trip, for manicure kits, and even for markers or crayons for kids.

 The outer bag and lining are quilted using Soft & Stable for an interfacing before you begin, and it goes together quickly after that. I used simple straight line quilting on mine.

I used fun prints for the linings since those will be seen every time you open the case!

Annie's pattern is terrific, and I especially love her method for making cute zipper pulls. If you use her technique using the Clover Bias 1/2-Inch Tape Maker, 1 EA you'll probably never make them another way!

I also want to mention these Omnigrid 4-Inch Needlecraft Scissors shown below. I have been using them a lot lately. They have the sharpest points, and while I always use them for applique, they are also great when you need a perfectly sharp cut. I used them to trim into the scalloped edges on the Christmas stockings last week, and I used them again when making these bags. I keep a pair in my applique bag and also keep a pair by my sewing machine because they are great for trimming right next to the edge of the fabric.

My other go-to little bag pattern is one I've been making for several years...the Abby's Treasure Box bag by Sherri Falls. This time, though, I used Soft & Stable instead of batting as her pattern calls for. I must say, I've made dozens of these bags, and this one is my very favorite. I'll never make this again without using Soft & Stable.

I added a zipper pull to my bag using Annie's method...and I again used a favorite print for the lining.

I might have to make a few more of these little bags before moving on to my next project...Happy Sewing...and thanks so much for stopping by!



Lucy said...

Those bags are adorable and so useful.

Hildy said...

These are so cute no wonder you make them again and again!

Joan said...

Thank you for sharing the links for these cute bags. Great gift ideas!

lissa said...

A girl can never have too many shoes, oops I mean zipper bags. Love seeing what you are working on.


Needled Mom said...

Those are terrific. I love the boxy bags.

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