Saturday, October 31, 2015

Quilt Market 2015: 40 Years of Moda

Happy Saturday! Today I'd like to share just a small portion of the amazing exhibit, "The Making of Moda" from International Quilt Market/Festival in Houston. I didn't take nearly enough pictures, and in fact, the photos I do have don't do these quilts justice. But I hope to be able to convey the feeling that I felt in walking the exhibit.

This stunning portrait in fabric of Moda's founder, Mark Dunn, created by the amazingly talented Luke Haynes was at the forefront of the exhibit. The quilt includes Bella solids and Collections for a Cause fabrics by Moda. I wish my photo could convey even a small portion of the beauty and grace of this quilt. It is awe-inspiring.

One part of the exhibit that I didn't get a photo of was a timeline of the making of Moda created by Mark's daughter, Erin--it was absolutely fascinating to see the development of this incredible company. I actually looked at the exhibit the morning after hearing Mr. Dunn speak about his incredible passion for preserving, protecting, and promoting the art of quilting at the Moda party. As I looked at the exhibit I remembered the words from the night before, and it made for a very powerful experience.

The selvage quilt was another big hit at the exhibit. This quilt was made by Mr. Dunn's son, Josh and contains a selvage from the first collection of every current Moda designer. The black background set of the selvages beautifully. Because the new designers from spring market were the last to be included, our selvage was at the very top of the quilt (the first designer, Sandy Gervais, had her selvage in the middle of the quilt with the others spreading out top to bottom from there.)

This was such a fun quilt to look at. It was a lot of fun remembering the earlier collections, many of which I've sewn with!

The Moda Building Blocks quilt by Lissa Alexander and quilted by Natalia Bonner was also a part of the exhibit. I was so happy to see this quilt hanging...I felt like it played tribute not only to the foresight and vision of the founder, the company, and Lissa Alexander who is truly a visionary herself.

Another stunning quilt by Lissa was in the exhibit. This quilt  mirrors the cover of one of the Moda catalogs from a few markets back. it was absolutely beautiful.

This cap set display with fabrics in a rainbow of colors from every current Moda designer was also the work of Lissa Alexander and was stunning. Maybe this is what I can do with the fabrics I seem to be hoarding and not sewing with!

Finally, one of the most incredible quilts was the 25 Years of Moda "Sisters' Quilting Trunk Gift" by Andee Andriole, Cheryl Ann Edholm, Candee Ferris, and Mary Andrea Homes. This spectacular quilt contains 1085 different Moda fabrics with 1601 unique fabric pieces. The location and description of every piece of fabric in the quilt is document. These lovely sisters from Arizona came up with the plan to make this quilt which was a surprise gift for Mr. Dunn.

Designer names are also  embroidered in the sashings and on the back of the quilt. It was an incredible honor to find "A Quilting Life."

The exhibit also contains quilts from some of Moda's designers as well as exquisite antique quilts from Mr. Dunn's personal quilt collection. The beauty of well-preserved antique quilts is unparalleled.

 Many of the antique quilts have been re-created with Collections for a Cause fabrics. It was a lot of fun to see the original antique quilt along with the new rendering featured in front of it. The proceeds from the sale of Collections for a Cause fabrics are given to a different charity each year.

 I wish I had been able to go back to the exhibit one more time in order to savor the beauty, the experience, and the history of this great past-time and art form, quilting.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Our Mini's and More parade will be on Monday, November 2nd.


Hildy said...

Thanks for sharing this amazong story about Moda, Mr. Dunn and all the quilts and the persons behind the scene! I know why Moda is my most favorite fabric company:-)

Karen said...

Thank you for showing these photos and describing what they contain. I had read there was a special exhibit for Moda's 40 anniversary, but these are the first sightings for me.

KathyinMN said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I've seen a lot of pics of quilt market, but little of this exhibit and certainly not with all the detail you out in this post. Super cool, thank you again.

Di Hunter said...

What a wonderful experience it must have been! Thanks for sharing it with me Sherri!

Michele said...

Thank you for sharing some of the photos from this. I wish I was able to see it in person.

MahSistersQuiltTrunk said...

A beautifully written overview of Mr. Dunn and Moda. Thank you for including our gift to him in your review. We are so humbled by the warm response. Looking forward to your next line as I know it will be as fabulous as your first and second. Fondly, Mary Andra

AnnieO said...

Fantastic history and display--all who got to see this in person are lucky! Congrats on being a part of Moda history and talent!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Sherri. Thanks for sharing this display -- it looks amazing!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Beautiful tribute--love me some Moda fabric.

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