Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall 2015 International Quilt Market Part Two

Hello! Happy Tuesday! I finished loading the photos from my camera and was surprised at how many I'd taken since I spend most of my time in the booth and did most of my photo taking in the early morning during the hour or so before the show opened each day. For that reason, there aren't pictures of the designers in their booths, so I'm sorry about that! However, I believe this might be the first year I was able to photograph every Moda designer booth in the show.

First up is the lovely booth of Joanna Figueroa. I'm always a little bit partial to her booth since I'm still able to help her piece some of her quilts. This market I pieced two quilts and had fun binding another in the hotel room the night before set up. One of the quilts I pieced was the quilt on the left in the photo below with the aqua gingham sashing and border. It's actually the same pattern as the center quilt, and there is a mini version as well.

The other quilt I pieced for Joanna isn't in these photos, but I'll definitely be sharing it soon because it's one of my "after market" sewing projects. I also love the quilt below which has two different size options in the pattern as well. Joanna's new collection is Strawberry Fields Revisited, and it's absolutely lovely!

Next to Joanna's booth was the lovely booth of Kate Spain. I love Kate's new collection, Aria, with bright colors and beautiful florals.  She had lovely quilts and lots of fun fabric flowers. She also had a mini butterfly quilt with a small version of the butterflies in the quilt below.

April Rosenthal of Prairie Grass Patterns was on the other side of Kate. Her beautiful fabric, Summerfest was bright and beautiful. April made a lot of adorable baby clothes for her young daughter which doubled as booth props and wardrobe! We all had fun seeing her baby each day when April's husband brought her over for visits!

Next to April was Amy Ellis. Amy was so much fun to get to know, and her gorgeous collection Serenity has beautiful soothing tones of grey, navy and pink. In the far right side of the photo of Amy's booth you can see just the edge of a beautiful hanging light she made with strips of all her fabrics. I wish I had taken a picture of the whole project as it is really cute!

Betsy Chutchian's booth was next to Amy's and contained lovely quilts from her new collection, Lizzie's Legacy. Her booth was absolutely beautiful!

The lovely Kaari Meng of French General was next with her beautiful signature fabrics in reds and creams and taupes, Ville Fleurie.

Next to Kaari was the booth of Blackbird Designs. Their lovely booth boasted a lovely vintage cabinet and fresh flowers!

Kathy Schmitz was on the other side of Blackbird Designs with her lovely booth.

Deb Strain's new collection, Bee Creative, was absolutely adorable. We missed Deb this year, as she was our "next door neighbor" in Minneapolis. It was fun to visit with her again this year.

Lynne and her husband Robert of Kansas Troubles Quilters were right on the other side of Deb. Lynne's new collection is called Bees 'N Blooms, and she had a beautiful display. Lynne and Deb are both staying for Festival if you are going to that this week.

Jan Patek (our other next door neighbor from last spring) was right next to Kansas Troubles. Her booth was beautiful as always (and we missed visiting with her this fall, too).

Sandy Gervais debuted her lovely Refresh collection with beautiful designs and as always a lovely outfit made from her fabric. Sandy was the first designer hired by Moda, and we enjoyed getting to know her a little bit better this year, too.

Across the aisle from one side of the designer rows was the booth of Jen Kingwell. Her quilts, fabrics and designs are always so very lovely. Jen actually had a few different collection which debuted at this market: Behind the Scenes Basics, Lollies, and Just a Speck. They work wonderfully with each other and coordinate beautifully with other collections too. I think they can all be considered basics or stash builders.

I was really excited to get to see the "My Small World" quilt in person, too. This is going to be my Christmas break project this year!

Finishing up today's designer booth tour is the Primitive Gatherings booth of Lisa Bongean. I'm always amazed at how much she is able to get done. Whenever I see her she has her project bag, needle and threads close by!

Lisa is staying for Festival as well, and she mentioned she will have even more goodies than she had in her market booth.

Her new book of mini quilts is a must-have, too. I was able to get a copy and will be sharing it in a future post.

I'm pretty sure I have enough photos for at least two more posts about market. It has been a real treat to look through these and think about all of the beauty and inspiration there was to see last weekend.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


lalaluu said...

I hope Primitive Gatherings has a bigger booth at Festival this year. Last year they had a big booth, but it was jam packed with fabrics, kits, patterns, and PEOPLE! They had great help though, so everything ran smoothly. Love April Rosenthal's new line (and her old one Best.Day.EVER!), and the detail about the baby clothes was so cute. Thanks for all the pics!

Hildy said...

It's so great that you share so many beautiful photos with us, thank you:-)

Elaine said...

Is your grand baby here?

Karen said...

Wow! I would have been in heaven seeing so many favorite designers in one place!

Lesley said...

Congrats on your new fabric line and all your accomplishments and thanks for sharing all these wonderful pics!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics from Market. What a lovely experience

Robbienae said...

You are so awesome to share all these lovely booth photos!! Thank you!

OPQuilt said...

I've now been a couple of times to Lisa's shop down here near me, thanks to you, and have purchased some of her fabric for a Halloween Quilt. If I'd known you were going to be near Blackbird Designs, I would have asked you to query her about that halloween quilt design that I love of hers (still looking for a pattern of Hallowe'en 1904). Sounds likes you had great fun at market. Now back to the grading, right?


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