Friday, September 4, 2015

Red and Green Quilt Blocks

Happy Friday! Today is the first day of a four-day weekend for me, and I'm excited to get to sew some fun things! I've just finished a crazy busy couple of weeks of sewing working on projects I can't share just yet (a couple of market quilts and a magazine project), and I have a whole list of things I'd like to get done in the next few days!

I started out by working on the recent installment of blocks in my Fig Tree red and green mystery block of the month sampler.

I really want to stay on track with this quilt so I'll be able to use it this I've been trying extra hard to stay caught up.

 This month's blocks were fun to make. I had a little time Thursday night and cut out all of the parts and pieces. I love that Joanna suggested making it scrappy by using some of the previous greens and creams for these blocks.

 I used six different greens for the Birds in the Air block but just used the new background fabric provided. For the other block (called Milky Way) I added in some extra creams.

I really love the Milky Way block...I made it first since it looked a little more relaxing after so much piecing the past little while!

Then I made the Birds in the Air block. This block is actually 4 blocks with a suggested layout as shown, but Joanna suggests waiting until later in the quilt assembly process to decide on a setting for these. But I do love this layout!

Caught up!

 I'm certainly hoping to get a lot of fun things finished up this weekend...wish me luck! 

PS I have one Hello Darling jelly roll available in my shop, friend Brook of Lady Belle Fabric is having a Labor Day Sale this weekend. Get 15% off through Tuesday, September 8th with the code LaborDay15. 

Hope you get some sewing and quilting in this weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by!



Stephanie said...

I like the particular shades of red and green you chose for this project, they're subtle and very pretty!

KathyinMN said...

The blocks are beautiful-can't wait to see this one put together.

Kylie said...

LoVe the red & green xxx

Hildy said...

Love your blocks! Have a wonderful weekend and sew much fun:-)

Susan Smith said...

As always, I love your blocks!

Helen L said...

the milky way block is so pretty, and the Birds in the Air is just stunning in that layout!! I'll have to try that one day: so beautiful!!! Have a great weekend!! We're laying low, as in Paul had another rush order and had to work today, and I about gave myself heat stoke working outside on the house (some repairs we had done, but the guy doesn't do painting, so I was caulking in the middle of the day!), and then church tomorrow, and maybe we'll go to the coast for a bit of the day Monday. Both girls aren't feeling well, so no family get away with them. :-( When does your son get home? I know it's getting soon!!! Hugs, H

Peta - SheQuiltsAlot said...

All of those blocks are gorgeous and it's always so great to spend a few days catching up. I did the same this last weekend :)

OPQuilt said...

ACK!! We're supposed to working on Christmas!!!??!! You're giving me heart failure. Just kidding. Of course I am completely jealous that you are that organized and thoughtful to be able to plan out your projects. I am contemplating moving from one queen bed to two twin beds in the guest room and guess what? I'll need another Christmas quilt for that bed. Yes, you do inspire me. Love all those blocks!


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