Friday, August 14, 2015

Martha Washington Star Block

It's time for the last block in the Summer Sampler Series! Today I'm happy to share with you the Martha Washington Star block. This is another of my favorite star patterns, and I have the pattern designed so the center sections are made a little big then trimmed to just the right size. This should make it easier to have perfect points!

Before making your last block(s), be sure to lay out all of the finished blocks so

you can make sure you have a good mix of colors.

 This block can be made with just one print fabric along with background, or you can mix it up and use two prints with background. I'm making one block of each style.

Let's get sewing!

Here is what you'll need (for one block):

  • Four squares 2" x 2" for corner squares 
  • One square 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" for flying geese background
  • One square 3" x 3" for center section
  • Two squares 2 5/8" x 2 5/8" for center section

Print fabric:
  • Four squares 2 3/8" x 2 3/8" for flying geese units
  • One square 3" x 3" for center section (this can be a different print than the one used for the flying geese units).
First, using the background square 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" and the four squares 2 3/8" x 2 3/8", make the flying geese sections using this method.

 Next we'll make the center units. These have been slightly over-sized so they can easily be trimmed to the correct size. With so many bias edges in these units, this is an accurate way to go!

Cut the background and the print squares 3" x 3" diagonally twice making four triangles from each.

Sew four background triangles to four print triangles as shown. Press toward the print triangle.

 The triangle units will look like the ones below.

Now cut the background squares 2 5/8" x 2 5/8" in half diagonally once. Sew one of these background triangles to the triangle units created above.

 Make four of these units for one center section.

 Here is where the trimming happens. These units need to be trimmed to 2" x 2". There are no specialty rulers required--any ruler with a diagonal line will work. (I'm using the Itty Bitty Eights square ruler by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings for Creative Grids. You can see the lines on this ruler make it super easy to trim even when working with small sizes).

First, place the diagonal line on the ruler over the diagonal seam between the print and background triangles. The 1" marks on the ruler should be where the smaller triangles meet the larger triangle as shown below. Trim the right side and the top side of the unit.

 The trimmings can be thrown away. Then, turn your block 180 degrees so the untrimmed sides are in the top and right position.

Again, place the diagonal line on the ruler over the seam between the small background triangle and the print triangle. This time, line up the 2" markings with the left side and the bottom of the block. You will again trim along the right and top sides of the block. Repeat for the other three center section units. The units will all measure 2" x 2" now.

 Sew four units together to make one center section.

 Then lay out the flying geese units, the center section, and the four background squares 2" x 2".

 Sew the sections in each row together...

Then sew the rows together to complete the block!

 This is a fun block, and by making the center pieces a bit over-sized and then trimming, this can be an accurately pieced block, too!

All six block patterns have been posted, finishing ideas have been posted...and now it's time to set these quilts together! 

I would love to have a parade on August 31st! Anyone can participate...just email me a photo of your finished sampler by August 30th and I'll post them the next day (samplers do not have to be quilted).  I can't wait to see all of the versions that have been made! I'm going to get my quilt together and quilted for the parade as well! are the links for all of the posts in case you need to go back and work on any blocks.

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Block Four: Scrappy Sawtooth Star
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Block Six: Martha Washington Star Block--today's block
Summer Sampler Quilt Parade: August 31, 2015 (please send a photo to join in)
Sampler Settings Post

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Hildy said...

That's such a sweet block thanks for sharing! Can't wait to sew it and then put my top together. Hope to manage it this weekend:-) I've choose another setting hope you like it (a little tease for you;-)

Robbienae said...

Thanks, these blocks are so adorable!

Needled Mom said...

Those are really lovely stars. I look forward to seeing them all together.

Julie Beard said...

What a stunner of a block Sherri! I love it so much so that I'm going to give this one a try. Using some of my fat quarters I have in my stash as a trial. Who knows where it may go from here! Will post you a picture once finished. Thank you for sharing your craft and blog. Julie Beard. Adelaide, South Australia.

Marla's Crafts said...

I hope to have mine done by the 31st. My husband is going back to NB Monday for a doctors appointment and I am staying here at the trailer with no car so should have lots of time to finish. The blocks are so pretty and can't wait to see the finished effect. Thanks for all your work.

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