Friday, July 17, 2015

Scrappy Sawtooth Star Quilt Block

Happy Friday! It's Summer Sampler day, and today I have the instructions for a scrappy sawtooth star block. This one might just be my favorite yet, it adds so much color to the sampler!

 I actually have a lot of left over half-square triangles from my market sewing,

 so I specifically looked for a block that used those pieces.

I used half-square triangles from the same fabrics for both of my blocks, but because they have different center fabrics you don't really notice the similarities.

Here is what you'll need: (the directions for the half-square triangles give you enough half-square triangles for both blocks. If you're only making one block, save the extra half-square triangles for next month's block).

  • Four squares 2" x 2" of four different print fabrics
  • Four squares 2" x 2" background fabric for corner squares
  • Eight squares 3" x 3" background fabric for half-square triangles
  • Eight squares 3" x 3" of eight different print fabrics for half-square triangles.

 First, make the half-square triangles using this method. Trim the half-square triangles to measure 2" x 2".

Sew the four print squares together to make the center section. Arrange your half-square triangles around the center section so that you're pleased with the colors and layout. Sew the half-square triangle blocks together in pairs as shown.

 To make sure your four-patch in the middle is extra flat, use this technique to "flip" the seam.

I always press my half-square triangle blocks helps them lay flat. And I've pressed the seams in between the half-square triangles open as well.

 Sew the background squares to the top and bottom half-square triangle sections and sew the half-square triangle sections to the left and right sides of the four-patch.

Sew the three sections together, and press the rows open or toward the center section.

 Make a second block if you're making the 12 block sampler!

Hope you're enjoying making all of these blocks! Thanks so much for stopping by...have a wonderful weekend!


KathyinMN said...

Love this! So fun how these blocks are coming together.

Sigi G said...

I'm enjoying all of your star blocks. Love them all - especially the newest 'scrappy sawtooth star'. Thank you for posting these.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love all your stars!!

Barb said...

great stars!

Joan said...

Love your scrappy blocks! Thank you for sharing!

Hildy said...

Again great stars:-) Love the scrappyness but I've decide to use just one fabric for each of my stars ... glady I have enough B&C fabrics to make them scrappy nonetheless:-)

Judy said...

Your blocks are very nice and your seams especially pretty. Thank you for being such a great teacher. I need so much improvement on my seams and my points. I will try your ideas. Thank you for helping beginners!

Susan Smith said...

Love these stars! They, along with churn dash, are my favorites!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Oh Sherri,
Cuteness abounds!

Helen L said...

These blocks are so fun: I love a block that has some really easy components like a four patch! :-) I haven't started this sampler quilt yet, but it's looking too good to resist!! I have about two full boxes of old Fig tree fabric and this looks like a good way to start to use it. :-) In fact, if you're ever looking for some of the old lines, just ask me: I'm more of a hoarder than a quilter!! :-D Hugs, H

June Garner said...

Sweet!!! Thank you for sharing this. After reading this a couple of times, your instructions are clear I just kept having interruptions, I noticed the pinwheel centers in the photo. Cuteness!!!

George Williams said...

I am getting caught Up finally! These are such fun blocks!

Julie Beard said...

Hello Sherri, I love getting your blogs and seeing your work. It is always guaranteed to be pleasing to the eyes, very pretty and always very purposeful for any project. Saw toothed stars make up part of a block that I intend to use in my next quilt. I'm not really looking forward to making up all the half squared triangles as they tend to go wonky when I have made them previously. I am considering purchasing the Block loc Ruler system to help with that. Do you have any suggested proven techinques to guide me?

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