Saturday, November 8, 2014

Heart Christmas Ornaments

 I've been in the mood for Christmas sewing lately and have been participating in a fun Instagram sew along; I'll share the information on the Christmas quilt along at the end of the post. 

But first I just have to share these fun heart-shaped Christmas ornaments I made using the "Heart's Delight" Makin' It Cute templates by Me & My Sister Designs (you can buy the template set on-line from Fat Quarter Shop here). I saw a sample ornament made by Barb and Mary on their Instagram feed...and that was all it took to get me gathering fabric!

 I thought I'd share a few tips for making these ornaments...and because they were so fun and fast I'm going to be making several more.

The template set comes with four durable plastic templates. I used the two largest along with the smallest template for my ornament. A Frixion pen comes in handy for this, too. You will also need scraps of batting, a button, and ribbon or string to make an ornament hanger (I haven't added my hangers yet).

For one heart ornament:

From 3 different fabrics cut:

2 squares 6" x 6" for largest heart
2 squares 5" x 5" for middle heart
2 squares 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" for small heart

From batting scraps cut:

1 square 6" x 6"
1 square 5" x 5"
1 square 3 1/2" x 3 1/2"


Follow the package instructions for making your hearts. I used the Frixion pen to do my tracing. After stitching and cutting I ironed my ornaments so any left over markings would disappear. 

Stitch a cute button in the center of your ornament to hold everything together. Add a ribbon hanger near the top of the ornament on the back, or use the button as anchor for a thin string hanger (Barb & Mary used Baker's Twine on their version...I'm still deciding whether to use twine or make ribbon hangers).

Note: the instructions call for you to use adhesive spray to adhere the fabrics to the batting; however, I didn't find using spray necessary. I also found it helpful to begin and end my machine stitching at the bottom of the heart shapes, and I used the "needle down" feature on my machine so that when I stopped stitching the needle would hold my heart sandwich in place.

 I bet you won't be able to make just one! These would make perfect package tags that double as ornaments. I'm also thinking of decorating a tree right inside my front door with these...then I can give one to anyone who visits in December.

As I mentioned earlier, I've also been using my Christmas scraps to make blocks for Lori Holt's #haveyourselfaquiltylittlechristmas Instagram sew along. (Did you know that even without a smartphone Instagram can be accessed on-line? Here's the link to my account. I generally post things on Instagram before adding them here on the blog).

Anyway, Lori has been posting daily with blocks that will make a small quilt. Some of the blocks are from her book Quilty Fun: Lessons in Scrappy Patchwork while other information is provided in her Instagram feed. The tree block is one example of a block not from the book but that is included in her post instructions.

Just wondering...have you started any Christmas or other winter holiday sewing yet?  Thanks so much for stopping by!


M.W. said...

Those hearts are so cute! Can I come a visit in December, you will have lots of company if you are giving those away! lol

cedacanthus said...

I've seen these on a few blogs and in the spirit of Truth Tea - why? Why sell a pattern for this? Why a kit? It's like selling a pattern for a basic plus quilt. Am I missing something?

Hildy said...

Love the things you've made! I haven't start any xmas sewing yet but today I started with my Mini Stems pattern and it's a lot of fun to sew.
Have a wonderful weekend:-)

Michelle Jensen said...

I love seeing all of your Christmasy stuff here on the blog and on your instagram. They are SO SO cute!! I love them :)

Needled Mom said...

Those are super cute little hearts.

Schoolgirl Samplers said...

Very cute:)

Gayle Fahrion said...

Very cute. I think theses would look good with my AnnaLee collection. I'm trying to figure out how to tuck a ribbon into the big heart sandwich prior to stitching but the cutting doesn't work. I think it would turn out if I sandwiched with adhesive, cut before stitching, peeled it back to insert the ribbon and then stitched. Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

I made my blocks too. Did you do your mittens yet? Your heart ornaments are so cute. I just finished sewing my Mini Stems quilt. I even have time to quilt it before parade day.

Pris Phillips said...

I think these would be awesome for girlfriend-gifts for Valentine's Day!! Or use one of the med sized templates to applique on a mug rug for a Valentine's gift!

I'm making small quilts for my grand nieces... 5 small ones for toddlers, 1 larger one for an 11 year old. I am contemplating trying to get 3 more done for the brothers too. Sew far sew good... I have 1 bound & washed & dried, one with the binding on ready to sew down... two at the long arm quilter's... one nearly done - just needs another border... and the 6th girl one, I have fabrics picked out to make something simple and patchy. It's been such fun working on this really great surprise for my new sister-in-law... as these little quilts are for her grands for Christmas! So the surprise is for her as much as it is for the moms and the little ones. I'm have a LOT of quilty fun doing this! Yay!! Happy quilting everyone! Warmly, Pris

Laura said...

Love these! So very precious and easy to make, too.

Jaslynn Joan said...

Lovely hearts... They are looking so cute and easy to make. Thanks for sharing this.. jaslynn, Bizbilla

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