Friday, November 21, 2014

Favorites: Quilting with Scraps

 I've been playing with a lot of my scraps this week: I'm making my Christmas sampler from Lori Holt's Instagram quilt along with scraps from several of Kate Spain's Christmas collections along with just a few other prints. I've added in some DaySail, some Moda Dottie, some Central Park and Daydream as well as a piece of Best Day Ever.

Because I've been working so much out of my scrap bins this week, I thought today's Favorites post could be a "scraps edition." I've got a few ideas on scraps, some pictures of some of my favorite scrappy quilts,  and a round-up of links to some of my earlier posts on scrap quilts and scrap organization, storage, and use.

 My scrappy "Marcelle Medallion" really was pieced completely from my scrap bin. I challenged myself not to buy anything for this quilt. There were a few times I was tempted to order something because I was just a little short of having what I thought might be a "more perfect" fabric, but I'm glad I made do with what I had.

 My Farmer's Wife king-size quilt was made with only Fig Tree scraps. Again, for this quilt I didn't purchase any fabric. It was a lot of fun to see how the different collections played together...some of the earlier pieces were quite a few years older than the newer ones.

My Nested Churn Dash quilt (also king-sized) pieced this summer was put together from my Minick & Simpson stash. At first I didn't realize I'd have enough fabrics for such a large quilt, but just kept going. I did end up buying a few fat quarters of reds and creams right at the end to have the color combinations I wanted.

 I raided my Fig Tree stash again this summer to make my "Jumping Jacks" quilt. This one was a little harder to piece from scraps since the pieces were so large. I had to break into a couple of my fat quarter bundles for this one!

 Another one of my favorite scrappy quilts is my Christmas "Scrappy Trip Around the World" (pattern here). I've collected Christmas fabrics for quite a while, so this one was a lot of fun to put together. I think I have an idea for next year's Christmas quilt all ready too.

Finally, my "Tone it Down" quilt (designed by Lissa Alexander, pattern now available here) was made with my American Jane scraps. 

I really do love to combine collections, but I also love totally scrappy quilts and projects.

My favorite uses for scraps:

  • Hexagons
  • Dresdens
  • Tumblers
  • Four-patch blocks
  • Nine-patch blocks
  • String blocks
  • Log Cabin blocks 
  • Patchwork bags
  • Patchwork pillows
  • Patchwork potholders 
  • Patchwork table runners
  • Scrappy binding
Some of my earlier scraps posts you might want to review (or read if you are new to the blog):

  • Scrap Storage (this post is from my summer organizing series and talks about what sizes of scraps I keep). 
  • Tips for Sewing with Scraps (this post from September gives hints for scrap quilting. You can also see some of my scrappy log cabin blocks on this post.

What are you sewing with scraps?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

  My Second YouTube video is up and running here.

Oh, and congratulations to gailss who is the winner of the Lady Belle Fabric giveaway; I'll be emailing!


OPQuilt said...

One of the lovely things about scraps used in a quilt is how it becomes sort of a sewing record of what you've made that year/era. I also love slipping into nearly every quilt that I can, a scrap of fabric from my very first quilt. Not every quilt can accommodate it, but I've been fairly successful at this endeavor since I started trying to work in that bitty piece of blue somewhere. I'm now running out and that little tradition of scrappy goodness will have to end!

I loved seeing all your scrappy quilts, that because they are from similar lines of fabric, have a beautifully coordinated look to them. Fun!


Anita said...

Those are all my favorite quilts of yours, especially the churn dash! Loved seeing them again :)

Julie said...

I love all of your scrappy quilts. They're just beautiful! Your blog is one of my favorites. Your fabric placement and combinations is great! I love your Christmas sampler that you are doing from Lori Holts Instagram tutorial. I hope she puts that in a book. (I know some of the patterns are already in a book and I have it.) Her designs are so fun.

Hildy said...

Love your new video you're such a sweetheart!
And I love working with scraps because your finished project will be really unique.

Billy'sgirl said...

I'm looking forward to starting my Nested Churn Dash quilt in the New Year. I am going to try to only use my stash, which will be a challenge for me, but I love the results you have achieved!
Thanks for the new You Tube tutorial. You have a nice delivery and camera presence. Maybe you should be the next Craftsy Video star! :-D

Tracey Holzer said...

You must be a perfect presser, too, because your Kate Spain Christmas quilt is pressed so nicely. Tone it Down is one of my all time favorite patterns that I've yet to make. One day!! Have a great weekend.

Katherine said...

I love how offcuts can be turned into such beautiful work. Sometimes I find it so tempting not to bother, just to throw out the scraps and go shopping for new, but it's so rewarding to see something so beautiful come of them. I especially love your churn dash quilt, I'd love to have a go at it x

Rosa said...

Wow,love ,love.Anyone is just stunning!

Sandy said...

Just love what you do with scraps. In fact I love anything you do with fabric. I have many of your ideas on my To Do List. As always, thank you for sharing!

Ann H. said...

Lori, I'm new to Instagram. How do I find you to follow your quilt along?? Please help!

Sherry said...

Your blocks look great!

Helen L said...

great video Sherri. I agree with one of the other ladies: you have a good camera presence. :-) I like your idea of ironing the seam open. Sometimes you don't know exactly what the HST will be next to, to that is a great idea. Hugs, H

Terri said...

I am paper piecing the Wild and Goosey quilt by Bonnie Hunter (found in Quiltmaker May/June 2013) from scraps. I'm also making the Farmer's Wife from my civil war repro scraps. It's taking longer for both, but it's satisfying knowing I'm using up every piece of fabric.

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