Monday, August 25, 2014

Insta Monday

 Well the days of summer have come to an end for me...I go back to school today. I have a pretty easy schedule this semester with just one class which meets twice a week. I'll have one section of English 101 with twenty students which means I'll be grading a lot of papers over the next sixteen weeks.

One of my summer goals was to finish up my "Nested Churn Dash" quilt, and I'm happy to say I finished up the binding this weekend. I'll get some good pictures this week and share this quilt one final time.

 I had also hoped to finish up my "Jumping Jacks" quilt before summer's end, but I wasn't able to finish. I'm far enough along, though, that I know I'll be able to finish soon. I took the picture above mostly so I could get a good idea of what colors I want to use for my final fabric pull for the remaining blocks. It really helps me to get a perspective on my quilts when I look at them in photographs. I know I want another blue, another red, another green and maybe two yellows...

 I finished up blocks seven and eight on Saturday. Both fabrics in block seven are from the Fig Tree Fresh Cottons collection. I'd forgotten how much I love the corals in that group!

 For block eight I used two prints from Somerset which should be in stores this fall. This green is my favorite print in the collection, and I used my last piece of it for this block--but I think it was worth it as I really love this block!

So four more blocks to plan is to at least get them all cut out this week.  I also finished the next Simply Small project and will get that post up asap!

Finally: did you know there are quite a few free classes available on Craftsy? The Quilt Con lecture series from 2013 is free here,  the 2013 Sampler Quilt Block of the Month class is free here, and there is also a Reversible Tote and Zipper Pouch class that is free here. If you are a beginner, the Piece, Patch, Quilt Beginner class is free here.  I've taken the Quilt Con lecture series, and really enjoyed many of the lectures and presentations.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Needled Mom said...

LOVE those Jumping Jacks blocks!!! Great fabrics too.

Nancy said...

Jumping Jacks are so cute, looking forward to seeing the finished product. Enjoy your Students, they need you!!
Huggs, Nancy

Gai Butler said...

Love block 7 of Jumping Jacks and can't wait to see Nested Churn Dash bound. Have a great semester!

Jeanna said...

Congrats on a finish and an "almost finish" before school starts. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Your jumping jacks blocks are so pretty, love the fabrics.

QuiltSue said...

I love the Jumping Jacks blocks, but then, I would I guess since I'm from the UK.

Joy said...

Your Jumping Jacks are gorgeous! I love the print and color combinations you have chosen. I can hardly wait to see your Nested Churn finished!

OPQuilt said...

BAck to school so soon? I wish you all the best--hope that first day was better-than-usual. Keep me posted on everything.

Your Union Jacks are looking great--so lovely. It's fun to see them layered up like that.


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