Thursday, June 19, 2014

Organizing Magazines and Quilt Storage

Day Thirteen: Sort and organize magazines and PDF Patterns.

Most quilters seem to have a terrific supply of wonderful quilting magazines which includes "someday" quilt patterns. While I do save some issues that are just packed full of these kind of projects, for most issues I do the following:

  • On my first reading I turn down the pages of projects I want to make.
  • Usually about a month later (and sometimes even longer) I go through the magazine again. This time I remove the pages of projects I still want to make and place them in plastic page protectors. 
  • Patterns in page protectors are then filed in 3 ring binders from Costco according to pattern type.
  • Think about donating magazines you haven't removed any pages from--senior centers and quilting groups often appreciate these donations. 
  • For a while I didn't print out most of my PDF patterns--I simply accessed them from my iPad when sewing. But I think it's important to print out a hard copy and have been trying to do that to add to my files. Plastic sheet protectors in a binder or file system work terrific for these patterns.

This method of sorting magazine patterns has really worked well for me for years. Occasionally the binders need to be sorted, too--and I try to do that at least once or twice a year. 

Mini Blossom pattern by Fig Tree & Company

Day Fourteen: Plan Quilt Storage

How do you store your quilts? Do you change out wall hangings, table runners, and pillows for seasonal use? I love to change up the "quilty" decor in my home, and by changing things up every once in a while I'm able to save on pillow forms by changing out pillow tops instead of buying a new insert for every pillow I make.

Table runners are easy to store: I like to roll them up and store in drawers.

Actually, rolling quilts is my preferred way of storing them. It keeps them wrinkle-free. This method does, however, take a lot of space. I'm thinking about having some additional shelves built above my top closet shelves to accommodate a few more quilts.

Cabinets, trunks, baskets and large bins also provide fun ways to store quilts. I have a whole Pinterest board of ideas for storing quilts!

Speaking of quilt storage and display--I'm getting ready to hang my latest mini quilts in my sewing room today. I make a hanging pocket which is sewn into my binding and stitched down by hand on the lower edge. I usually try to match the backing fabric if possible. I use this method for anything 24" and bigger that needs a rod pocket.

Don't forget that all of the organizing series post links can be found here. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments on this series, too. I'm hoping to get to emails and thank everyone personally today!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Sharrieboberry said...

I have enjoyed your blog and the projects you do. However the pop-up ads are quite a hindrance to viewing your lovely content. I won't be back. :(

The Woolen Cellar said...

Funny, I never get any pop ups. In Windows you can turn those off. I love your organization ideas although there are a few that I already do. Always fun to find out how others sort and perfect! Can you let me know the name of the pattern of the Star Quilt you posted as your first photo? Fell in love with it!!

Anita said...

Love your minis! I was wondering how you hang them so they lay flat. Do you insert a dowel and them hang that on hooks? If so, what type hooks do you use? I keep seeing all these great mini walls with flat laying quilts. Thanks for all the great organization tips too.

Joy said...

I do the same with the magazines...turn down an edge. I have not torn out the patterns, but I think I will and donate the rest of the magazine to cut down on bulk and space. Loving the ideas Sherri!

Needled Mom said...

I find that my magazines are my hardest challenge. I so love looking through my older magazines and hate to throw them away.

AnnieO said...

Great ideas! I've got way too many magazines but it is hard to part with them :). I seem to have lots of printed patterns too and have an empty binder and pack of page protectors that have been sitting in a corner for about a year. Ahem

Havplenty said...

Unless I really feel the need to keep pages from quilt magazines, I find making PDF files for the quilts I want to keep from magazines a more space friendly method.

This method takes up less storage space and the patterns are easily accessible and organized on file storage. I only print pages as I need them. I recycle all of my quilt magazines now.

I try to find ways to maximize and efficiently use the finite space that I have for all of my machines, fabric and accessories.

I do love to see how others organize their spaces also.

Sarah said...

I have an antique baby cot I plan to get powder coated and roll my quilts up and store them in that in display.

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