Thursday, April 24, 2014

In Progress

 There are a lot of "works in progress" going on right now...another "Sew Together" bag for me...out of my favorite Bonnie & Camille scraps (I'm giving my first one to my younger daughter for her birthday Saturday; she fell in love with it when I showed it to her the other day, and since it's so hard to pick fabrics for her I thought she should just have that one).

And a "Sew Together" bag for my older daughter who also saw my first bag and thought this might make a good gift for some house/dog sitting she is going to do for us this summer! Now my older daughter is really hard to sew for; I never know what she is going to like. So a couple of months ago we sat down together and browsed fabrics on-line. She fell in love with Honky Tonk by Julie & Eric Comstock for Moda. So I bought a fat quarter bundle, and now whenever I want to sew for her I pick from that collection--problem solved! She told me the other day a quilt from the collection would be nice too.

I also have my next two Blogger Girl's Block of the Month blocks cut out...the first of May isn't that far away!

And, we have a garden in progress, too! I have wanted a garden since I was a little girl, and this is our first attempt. It is incredible how fast everything grows. I think I took this picture just about a week ago, and I swear our tomatoes are twice the size now!

There are some more "works in progress" that I can't share just yet:  market quilts for Joanna of Fig Tree & Company and some new patterns with new market collections. I'll be sewing like crazy today for sure.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

PS Congratulations to Betsy who is the winner of the Great Granny Squared book from Monday's giveaway! (I picked the first comment because it seems that the number 1 never comes up on the random number generator)!


Nancy Conley said...
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Nancy Conley said...

Can't wait to see your WIPs all finished - LOVE your work. I LOVE to garden! It is definitely a "trial and error" kind of life, but so rewarding! I feel guilty if I don't garden and home can - it can be such a money saver!

Kath said...

A woman on a mission! Your garden is going to look lovely

Sinta Renee said...

Isn't it such a nice blessing when your family shows interest in what you are making... and even better when they want one!
Your projects are very fun!

Alicia Key said...

Congrats on the garden! It IS fun to watch things grow. It is extremely UN-FUN to see grasshoppers, etc, eating OUR food! Just wait until you pull that 1st grasshopper's head off! LOL

Anita said...

Lucky you that you get to garden. It looks lovely! It's still to cold to start up here in Alberta. :)

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